One Piece Odyssey: Desert Banana Gator (Giant Croc) Guide

The giant croc, the Desert Banana Gator, is one of the first large bosses you’ll encounter in One Piece Odyssey, and defeating him isn’t easy. Here’s how you can take him down. 

We don’t blame you if you keep dying at the giant crocodile in the Alabasta desert. He’s one of the stronger bosses you’ll encounter in your journey and the first real challenge in the game. However–once you understand how to immobilize him, the battle becomes a breeze. 

How to Beat the Desert Banana Crocodile 

Taking down this giant beast won’t be easy, but if you take on the fight in the right way, you can maximize your chances of winning. To defeat the Desert Banna Crocodile: 

  • Use stun attacks to keep the crocodile immobilized throughout the fight. 
  • Defeat the Desert Bandit minions first. 
  • Use items and Chopper’s healing moves to keep your team at full health. 
  • Use the Regular Attack to damage the croc until you win the battle. 

Skills like Robin’s Treinta Fleurs Flip or Chopper’s Arm Point can cause the croc to hallucinate or faint, which disables his highly-damaging attacks. 

Robin Using Treinta Fleurs

The croc resists many special attacks, so using them is just a waste of TP. Instead, use melee attacks while he is immobilized so that you have enough TP to continue using the stun moves and so that you have enough to heal with Chopper. You can try using special melee attacks on him to take away larger chunks of his health, but they may not be as effective as you wish. 

The real issue many players have with this boss fight is that they don’t widdle down mobs first. The bandits are a nuisance and can cause a lot of damage over time, so you must focus on them first. 

If you are still having trouble taking out the Desert Banana Gator, you can try leveling up your team a bit more first before taking him on — as this might make the battle go easier for you. 

We avoided most mobs on our way to the Gator and were able to take them out, so we think you should be able to as well. You can watch us take on the Desert Banana Gator for the first time below. 

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