Can You Change Difficulty in One Piece Odyssey?

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Players that have jumped into One Piece Odyssey may find the game too easy — prompting them to wonder if it’s possible to change the game difficulty. 

There have been varying degrees of difficulty for games over the generations. From the start with NES, games like Pitfall to contemporary games like Elden Ring have undoubtedly made many-a-gamer throw their controllers in frustration. That being said, the new JRPG, One Piece Odyssey, published by Bandai Namco, is not one of those games. Gamers have donned the game “too easy,” prompting many to wonder, can you change the difficulty in One Piece Odyssey? 

Can You Change Difficulty in One Piece Odyssey?

Currently, there are no difficulty settings in the JRPG, One Piece Odyssey. Simply put, no, you can not change the difficulty in the game. That being said, there are some tactics you can use to raise the difficulty for yourself. 

For one, clearing random mobs across the map will continue to raise your level, so if you’d rather have a challenge, you can actively avoid fights so that you’re underpowered during boss fights. 

You can also artificially enhance the difficulty by not taking advantage of every game mechanic, like removing all equipped items and not using your Cube Fragments. However, there is no way to officially increase the difficulty settings. 

Making the Game Easier

If you’re having the opposite problem and the game is too hard, there are ways to improve your odds. For one, you can cook or look for more items in the game world that can help buff you in battle. 

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Secondly, grinding random mobs across the world will also level you up and increase your power. Try using these techniques if you find yourself dying too often. 

Lastly, remember that each of your skills is more or less effective depending on the enemy. Make sure you’re not using skills that the enemy is resisting, and you should be able to get through the game fairly easily. 

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