Phasmophobia: How to Use the Monkey Paw and Full Wish List

Make a wish upon a... paw?

The Monkey Paw is a new item introduced in the Phasmophobia Tempest v0.8.1.0 Update and lets players make wishes. 

Like many demonic items or creatures that grant wishes, there might be a downside to always getting what you want. Phasmophobia’s newest Tempest Update proves that with a new item players can find during their investigations. Here’s what you need to know about the Monkey Paw and all the wishes you can make with it. 

How to Use the Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia

The Monkey Paw has a chance to spawn on different maps and has 12 total wishes players can take advantage of while on an investigation. To use the item, pull out the Monkey Paw and say the Wish Line into your microphone.

Each Wish is only available one time per mission. While the Wish line text can be found inside Sunny Meadows Mental Institution and added to your Journal when discovered, they are just a reminder of the lines and not required to use the Monkey Paw. 

The number of wishes per paw will correspond to the difficulty or multiplier for that contract:

  • 0x – 1.9x Rewards: 5 wishes
  • 2x – 2.9x Rewards: 4 wishes
  • 3x Rewards or higher: 3 wishes

List of Monkey Paw Wish Lines in Phasmophobia

The 12 Monkey Paw wish lines in the game include: 

  • I wish to leave: Exit doors are unlocked, and speed is decreased for 5 seconds. 
  • I wish to see the ghost: Spawns ghost for 5 minutes and temporarily blinds you until the hunt ends. 
  • I wish for activity: Damages the fusebox and increases ghost activity. Exit doors are locked for 2 minutes. 
  • I wish to trap the ghost: Darkens vision and traps the ghost in its favorite room. Locks all doors in the player’s room for one minute, then a hunt occurs. 
  • I wish to be sane: Sets players’ sanity to 50% and increases passive sanity drain. Ghost has a chance to change rooms. 
  • I wish to be safe: Lights in your room shatter, and the ghost does not hunt for a limited time. 
  • I wish to revive my friend: Revives a random dead player but has a chance to kill a living player. 
  • I wish for knowledge: Eliminates one type of evidence from the Journal. Darkens the player’s vision and begins a hunt. 
  • I wish for rain: Makes it rain outside. 
  • I wish for snow: Makes it snow outside. 
  • I wish for fog: Makes it foggy outside. 
  • I wish for sunrise: Makes the sun come out. 

If more Monkey Paw wishes are discovered, we’ll update this post to reflect all of the wishes. 

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