How to Get Silk Thread in Smalland

Here's our guide on where to get Silk Thread in Smalland so you can make that Recurve Bow.

Looking to upgrade that shoddy Simple Bow into a Recurve Bow? Well, you’ll need some Silk Thread, a mid-tier ingredient with a few requirements. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get Silk Thread in Smalland, so you can start crafting some better items.

How to Get Silk Thread in Smalland

To get Silk Thread in Smalland, you will need to construct a Loom & Spindle in your base. After constructing the Loom & Spindle, you can make Silk Thread using 1 Resin and 2 Silk. Silk Thread is an important material, as it is used to craft the Recurve Bow, the second tier of bow in the game.

How to Get Silk Thread in Smalland

The Loom & Spindle is a structure that unlocks after you build the Tannery and find Silk. To build the Loom & Spindle, you will need to collect 10 Resin, 10 Silk, 7 Refined Wood, and 2 Fiber. 

Building the Loom & Spindle unlocks a variety of other items, including the Grapple Gun, Fiber String, Silk Thread, Textile Patch, and Hook. It also unlocks an additional structure called the Windmill, which grinds ingredients into fine powder.

Of course, to mass-produce Silk Thread, you’ll need a bunch of Silk, so you can check out our guide on where to find Silk if you’ve yet to find any and are wondering where to search.

That’s about all you need to know to make Silk Thread in Smalland. It’s part of the natural progression of the game, but for players looking to get that fancy Recurve Bow as fast as possible, now you know exactly what to do.

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