Smalland: Where to Get Silk

Here's where to find Silk in Smalland: Survive the Wilds, so you can craft high-tier items like the Recurve Bow.

As you progress through the world in Smalland, you’ll need to start crafting better gear to take on the tougher insects. The mid-tier gear requires an item called Silk, and while you might be able to guess where this comes from, you might not know where to find it on the map. Here’s our guide on where to find Silk in Smalland.

Where to Get Silk in Smalland

Silk is found inside Spider Cocoons located in the swamps of the Overlands near Lisandra. Spider Cocoons are an in-game structure you can harvest, similar to nodes or plants, but you’ll need Flint Shears to harvest them.

Smalland: Silk Screenshot

Here’s a map of where to find Spider Cocoons to get Silk in Smalland:

Smalland: Silk and Spider Cocoon Location Map

Flint Shears are crafted at the Stonecutter and require the following materials:

  • 5 Fiber
  • 5 Resin
  • 8 Flint
  • 5 Refined Wood

Refer to our guide on where to find Flint in case you haven’t reached that point in the game yet. Silk is an important resource because you’ll need it to make a Recurve Bow and other high-tier items.

You will naturally get to this point on the map if you’re following the questlines. It’s the zone you’ll need to head to after speaking with Skadi on the south side of the map and killing the Rhino Beetle. 

Lisandra tasks you with killing a White Albino Spider, a monstrous creature. Taking down this spider will require you to have Silkweave armor for added survivability. That’s another story, though.

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