Sons of the Forest: Where to Find the VIP Keycard

Here's where to find the VIP Keycard, or Virginia's Keycard, in Sons of the Forest.

There are many bunkers located around the island in Sons of the Forest. You’ll need a keycard to access most of them, and finding these Keycards can prove challenging. If you want to know where to find them, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide on where to find the VIP Keycard in Sons of the Forest.

The prerequisites for obtaining the VIP Keycard include having the Maintenance Keycard, which requires the shovel to get. If you don’t have the Maintenance Keycard, you can check out our guide on how to get it and come back to this later.

Where to Find the VIP Keycard in Sons of the Forest

The VIP Keycard, also known as Virginia’s Keycard, is located inside the Food and Dining bunker. This bunker is found inside the cave with the two broken-down golf carts in front of it at one of the green pings on your GPS.

Proceed into the cave and open up the hatch to enter the Food and Dining bunker. Once inside, use the Maintenance Keycard to gain access to the next room. Proceed through the hydroponics labs, and down the stairs into the flooded area. Continue down the hall until you see the next locked door. 

Enter the room on the left side of the hall before the locked door, and you will find the VIP Keycard, which belongs to Virginia Puffton, on the computer desk with the three monitors and an empty ramen noodle container. Pick up the Keycard, and you can use it to access the locked door you saw at the end of the previous hallway.

Sons of the Forest: VIP Keycard Location
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/Sons of the Forest

Side note, there is also a shotgun rail on one of the shelves in the room with the VIP Keycard.

Inside the next room is, well, it’s a gruesome scene. It explains a few things in the story, and the room you immediately walk into is where you can also find Virginia’s dress if you’ve befriended her and want to pick it up for her. There are a few more things to uncover, so take a look around in the next room.

There you have it; that’s where to find the VIP Keycard in Sons of the Forest. If you found this guide useful and easy to follow, you can check out more of them in our Sons of the Forest section.