Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Virginia’s Dress

Here's where to find Virginia's dress so you can give it to her in Sons of the Forest.

Virginia is the woman you see wandering around near your camp in Sons of the Forest. She’s actually friendly and can be a good companion to have in this hellscape, so you might want to consider being nice to her. When you gain her trust, you can give her items, including her dress! Here’s where to find Virginia’s dress in Sons of the Forest.

The prerequisites for this guide are that you have the Maintenance Keycard. You will need this item to open the door in the underground bunker.

Where to Find Virginia’s Dress in Sons of the Forest

Virginia’s dress is lying on a couch found inside the underground bunker with the two golf carts in front of it. You’ll need to open the latch to the Dining and Food services bunker and then use the maintenance keycard to open the door.

Where to Find Virginia's Dress in Sons of the Forest
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/Sons of the Forest

Once inside the door, follow the path through the indoor hydroponics labs, and continue down the stairs into the flooded area. Keep going until you reach a locked door. You’ll need to go inside the room to the left in the hall just before the locked door to pick up the VIP Keycard. There’s also a shotgun rail in the keycard room. Once you have the keycard, you can open the door.

Inside the room, you’ll experience quite a scene. Virginia’s dress is sitting folded nicely on a piece of furniture on the side of this main room. You can pick up the dress and give it to Virginia later, assuming you’ve gained her trust and are able to interact with her. She will probably appreciate it. 

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That’s where you can find Virginia’s dress in Sons of the Forest! It’s possibly one of the requirements to obtain the Fashionista achievement in Sons of the Forest, so it’s something worth doing if you’re a completionist. If you found this guide helpful, check out our Sons of the Forest section for more walkthroughs.