How to Unlock Singular Focus in Soulstone Survivors

Here's how to unlock the Singular Focus Rune in Soulstone Survivors, and an example build to help you get it.
How to Unlock Singular Focus in Soulstone Survivors

There are plenty of runes to choose from in Soulstone Survivors, some of which can be used to make incredibly overpowered builds. Perhaps the most interesting of the runes is Singular Focus, but it’s also one of the toughest to obtain. Here’s how to unlock the Singular FocusRune in Soulstone Survivors.

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How to Unlock Singular Focus in Soulstone Survivors

To unlock Singular Focus in Soulstone Survivors, you need to win a match with all curses enabled up to Tier VI on The Caves of Dhal Zhog.

That means you will need to continue progressing through each tier of curses until you get to Tier VI. Stages get very difficult with high-level curses, so we’ve put together an example build you can use to complete it easily.

Singular Focus is a Rune that costs 5 Runic Power, and its effect makes it so skills can now be picked multiple times. That means you can have 6 of the same skill equipped in your loadout. If you have more than one of the same skill, power-ups are applied to random instances of the skill.

Build for The Caves of Dhal Zhog (Curses Tier VI)

A good build to complete The Caves of Dhal Zhog with Tier VI curses is:

  • Character: The Elementalist
  • Runes: Weapon Expert, Generalist, Critical Mastery, Multi Cast Mastery, Dash Mastery
  • Skills: Lightning Beam, Call Lightning, Light Beam, Smite, Arcane Power, Might
  • Passives: Damage, Cast Frequency, Area Modifier, Magnet, Extra Dash
Build for The Caves of Dhal Zhog (Curses Tier VI)

The build we recommend using is The Elementalist. Call Lightning, Lightning Beam, and Light Beam will do all of the damage, while Smite and Arcane Power will help empower them. As for strategy, get Magnet early to boost your leveling. Also, make sure to destroy the Pillars of Despair whenever they spawn. The Pillars are incredibly annoying and do a lot of damage, so take them out as soon as possible.

Next, try to get your Skills as quickly as possible, and restart the run if you get bad luck. Soulstone Survivors can be random and luck-based, so it’s possible to get a bad run. That’s why there’s a Restart button. Lastly, consider staying in a corner — I find the top-left corner to be the best — to both get kills quickly and have some protection.

Do your best to kill the elites fast because leaving them to roam freely will make it difficult to kill the bosses. Agile can also be a good skill here. A tip is to dash toward a boss as soon as Call Lightning casts so all of the lightning bolts hit the boss and melt it quickly.

It’s worth noting that this stage is possible with lots of other builds, so feel free to use your own and experiment. I found this Elementalist build very strong to Curse runs, so give it a shot and let us know what you think below!

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