Tchia: Where to Find Chicken Egg

Who knew finding an egg could be so hard?

In Tchia, players must obtain various items for the Coutume to meet Ga Ngazo. If you’ve obtained all the items and can’t find the Chicken Egg, this guide will show you where it is. 

The last item players need to obtain to complete the Coutume for Ga Ngazo is a Chicken Egg. However — these elusive items can’t just be found out and about in the world. If you are lost, this guide will show you where to find a Chicken Egg. 

Where to Find Chicken Egg in Tchia

Unlike other items in Tchia, players must be a bit more proactive to find a Chicken Egg. To obtain a chicken egg, Soul Jump into a chicken by hitting L1, then lay an Unstable Egg with R2. From here, you can pick up the egg and stash it in your inventory with R1 to obtain the item. 

Soul Jump into Chicken Tchia

Chickens can be found to the north in the Wildlife Refuge (look closely, we could only find one) or in the village of Weliwele on the island of Ija Noj. To complete the Coutume for Ga Ngazo, players will also need to obtain an Ancient Tooth Fragment and some trophies. 

Chicken Locations Tchia

Unstable Eggs can also be thrown to destroy Meavora Statues throughout the world, so you can actually keep a chicken in your inventory for times when you need a few eggs. 

In addition to Chickens, the village of Weliwele also has a Shooting Range Challenge, Campfire, Food Stand, a bunch of Braided Trinkets, and a Stamina Fruit. Make sure to scout the entire area so you can get all the awards and buffs in the town. In addition to all the great stuff, Weliwele is also where Gabby and Louise live and is where you had to find the Red Crab quest. 

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