TemTem Wild Imagination Answers (Liliana Questions)

Scratching your head over the Wild Imagination side-quest in TemTem? Keep reading to discover all the answers to Lilana's questions.

If you’re enjoying the world of TemTem immensely and are a completionist, you must pick up all the side quests in the world. To find side quests, look at your minimap at the top right corner of your screen and talk to NPCs with a symbol. One of the earlier side quests in TemTem is called Wild Imagination and is given by a young girl named Liliana in Arissola. Here are answers for the Liliana Wild Imagination quest in TemTem. 

TemTem Wild Imagination Answers (Liliana Questions)

In the Wild Imagination Quest given by Liliana, she will ask you several questions about different TemTem on the island. You must answer the questions correctly in order to get the reward.

The answers to the Wild Imagination quest are:

Look, now I’m a Tateru! Can you see me?

Answer: You’re so tall! 

Look now! I’m a Loali now! Flit-flit-fit!

Answer: Gasp! So fast! 

And now you! 

Answer: Now I’m a Saku


Answer: Do you like my flower?

OK, so now I have a sword and we are fencing! Defend yourself, Saipat! 

Answer: I’ll beat you with my sail! 

After answering all the questions, you should complete the quest. When Liliana asks “And now you!” you can technically answer with any TemTem, but it will alter the following answer. Since it doesn’t matter what you choose, use our guide above to complete the quest. 

TemTem Wild Imagination Quest Rewards

The rewards for the Wild Imagination quest in TemTem is: 

  • Energetic Kiwi (x1)

The Energetic Kiwi is a consumable item that restores 25% STA. 

Liliana Wild Imagination Quest Location

Liliana can be found walking around in Arissola on the first island, Deniz. See below for her exact location.

TemTem Wild Imagination Quest Location
Liliana Wild Imagination Quest Location, TemTem

And there you have it! That’s everything you need to know to complete the TemTem Wild Imagination Quest Answers or the Liliana questions quest. Following our guide is much quicker than trial and error, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all the TemTem in the world. 

Who would have thought one of the first side quests would be a pop quiz? 

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