Where to Get a Surfboard in TemTem

Looking to surf in TemTem? First you'll need a surfboard. Here's where to get a surfboard in TemTem.

Have you seen others surfing around the first Island of Deniz in TemTem? Feeling envious but have no idea of how to obtain the elusive item? It’s actually pretty tricky to do, but the guide below will fill you in on how and where to get a surfboard in TemTem. 

Where to Get a Surfboard in TemTem

The surfboard can be obtained in TemTem after defeating the first boss on the Island of DenizSophia

To get the surfboard, you need to complete the main questline on the Island, then face off against Sophia in her gym in Arissola

First, head to Winward Fort, where you’ll find Sophia trapped in a cage. Make your way through the Fort until you face off against the boss, Lady Lottie

Where to Get a Surfboard in TemTem
Lady Lottie, TemTem

If you’re having trouble in Winward Fort, remember to use your Temessence Vial when your Tems are low on health or knocked out. You can always head back to the small healing station outside the Fort if you don’t think you can make it any further. 

In our playthrough, we didn’t use any Balms and had to go back to the healing station around 3 times to defeat all the enemies in Winward Fort. Also, remember to pick up all the free loot packages inside the Fort. 

Once you defeat her, head back to the cages where you saw Sophia and release her. She will then be available for you to battle back in her gym in Arissola. Head back to the town, then visit her gym. 

Sophia Gym Location, TemTem

Using the Surfboard in TemTem

To use the surfboard in TemTem, simply walk up to the shore and go into the water. You do not need to equip the surfboard; you’ll automatically pull it out whenever you enter the water. 

Where to Get a Surfboard in TemTem
Surfboard, TemTem

On the first Island of Deniz, obtaining the surfboard opens up many different areas on the Island, including a place to get the Cowards Cloak. You need the surfboard to advance to the second Island in the game. 

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