Terra Nil: How to Use Monorail

The Monorail is a useful mechanic in Terra Nil that enables players to recycle equipment and create things like Coral Reefs. If you have no idea how to use one, we’re here to help. 

There are many different mechanics in the eco-centric city simulation, Terra Nil. Unlike other games in the genre, players must revitalize mother nature to encourage the growth of flora and the expansion of the planet’s fauna. On the Tropical Biome, players gain access to the Monorail — an important item they will use into the late game. 

How to Use the Monorail in Terra Nil

Monorail nodes can be constructed on stone formations or on the top of old buildings. They must be close enough together to connect, which will be viewable by a green highlight before you place the node. To use a Monorail, click a node close to a building you want to transport. Then click the building and the area next to a Monorail node to move and place the building. 

Moving Buildings with Monorail

You can move all different kinds of buildings using this method. In addition, it’s useful for creating Coral Reef, which you’ll need to do in the second mission as well. 

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How to Use Recycling Beacon on Monorail

Players can also use Monorail nodes to recycle their equipment. To do so, build a Recycling Beacon on top of one of the Monorail Nodes. If you have an Airship and Recycler Station, your Recycler will automatically recycle all buildings within the range of the Beacon. 

Monorail Recycling Nodes Terra Nil

This is easier than accessing all of your constructions via water, which you had to do on the first map. 

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