Undisputed: Outside Range Boxing Guide

In a world without many PC options for combat sports, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Undisputed, a new boxing game developed by Steel City Interactive, features a roster of over 50 professional boxers, realistic boxing movement, and a whole range of ways that players can fight. 

There are a ton of different methodologies and fighting styles that players can implement to win a bout. A popular way to fight is to fight on the outside range in boxing, which means that the boxer fights from a punching distance or further and controls the fight with jabs and accurately timed shots as their opponent tries to close the distance. This guide will explain how to dominate from the outside range in Undisputed. 

Undisputed Outside Range Boxing Guide

The goal of fighting outside range is to pick apart your enemy with jabs and combinations from a distance while frustrating them with your spacing. If done correctly, your opponent will miss their shots, allowing for openings in which you can counter them. The key to fighting on the outside is staying disciplined and slowly wearing down your opponent into the later rounds.

This guide will go over the following key concepts of fighting on the outside range: 

Picking the Right Fighter 

If you want to win on the outside, the first thing you’ll want to do is pick a fighter who is long and fast. Depending on who you’re fighting, this may not always be the case, so you should adjust your fighting style accordingly if the matchup isn’t in your favor. 

For instance — as Muhammad Ali, you’ll want to stay on the outside 95% of the time, except when against a longer fighter like Tyson Fury. In this matchup, it’ll be your prerogative to get on the inside, and land power blows, even though it may not be what your boxer is best suited for. 

Find The Range

Round 1 should be used for range finding and figuring out your opponent’s tendencies. Understanding their patterns will help you predict their movement and punches throughout the entire fight. Remember to hit up the D-pad for loose movement, as this will help you maintain the proper distance throughout the fight. 

Once you’ve found the range, a jab or punch should be thrown whenever a fighter enters your range. If you’re ahead on the scorecards, it’s the enemy’s prerogative to close the distance, so getting an early advantage will help you later down the road. 

Undisputed: Outside Range Boxing Guide

Using the Jab

Once you’ve found the range, you’re going to want to poke the jab every time they come within your jabbing range. This will keep them off balance and unable to throw hooks and other power shots as they try to get on the inside. 

Double and triple up on the jab to prevent them from making it on the inside. You can also throw a cross or straight from your power hand to further discourage them from entering your zone. 

Overall Fighter Mentality

The most important aspect of fighting on the outside will be your mentality. Fighters that are disciplined and can follow through with the game plan, even when it’s tempting to go for a knockout, will have the highest win ratios. 

The player that gets baited into taking risks and fighting on the inside will be less effective. 

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