V Rising Fishing Guide – How to Catch Fish

Here is our complete V Rising fishing guide. Learn how to find and catch fish as well as info on all the fish in the game.

No game is complete these days without its own fishing mini-game. V Rising is no exception, and it has a very fundamentally easy fishing system. All you need to get started is a fishing pole, and there is no bait or extra equipment required. In this article, we will teach you how to fish in V Rising and show you all the fish you can catch.

How to Fish in V Rising

To fish in V Rising, you need to craft a fishing pole, find a fishing spot, cast the pole, and click the fishing node when the fish bites.

Here’s how to fish in V Rising:

  1. Construct a fishing pole
  2. Find a fishing spot (node)
  3. Cast fishing pole
  4. Click node when fish bites

Read on below for more details about each step.

How to Make a Fishing Pole in V Rising

To craft a fishing pole, you will first need to create a Woodworking Bench. To unlock the woodworking bench, you will need to defeat Rufus the Foreman. Rufus is located in the Bandit Logging Camp in Farbane Woods.

Once you have the bench unlocked, you will need the following materials to build it:

  • x8 Plank
  • x80 Stone
  • x120 Animal Hide

With the woodworking bench built, you are ready to craft your fishing pole with the following ingredients:

  • x8 Planks
  • x4 Copper Ingot
  • x4 Coarse Thread

Equip your new fishing pole into your hotbar as you would a weapon. Now you’re ready to go on your fishing trip.

How to Catch Fish in V Rising

To catch fish in V Rising, you must first locate a fishing spot. You won’t be able to cast your fishing pole into the regular water; you can only cast onto a fishing node.

Fishing nodes are scattered worldwide and look like a circle of white disturbed water with fish swimming in it. Each node is only good for one catch. The node will disappear whether you succeed or fail at catching your fish. However, it will respawn again after some time. 

V Rising Fishing Node

With a fishing node located:

  • Walk up to the fishing node
  • Equip your fishing pole
  • Click on the node to cast your reel
  • Wait for the fish to bite
  • Click the node when the fish bites.

When you hook a fish, you will hear an audio notification, and the fishing node will pulse with a large white wave. If you click in time, you will reel in a reward. A fishing node has a chance to drop most items, so you won’t always get fish. 

V Rising Fishing Bite

V Rising Fish Guide – All Fish

You can catch various kinds of fish in V Rising. Some will produce more materials when salvaged, and others will be used for specific purposes. Here are all the fish we have come across so far:

FishSalvageSpecial Use
Fat Goby
Fat Goby V Rising
1 Fish Bone
6 Fish Oil
Prisoner Food
Recover 100% Health
Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout V Rising
1 Fish Bone
6 Fish Oil
Prisoner Food
Reduce 5-10% Misery
Sage Fish
Sage Fish V Rising
1 Fish Bone
6 Fish Oil
Prisoner Food
Recover 30-70% Health
Reduce 15-30% Misery
Fierce Stinger
Fierce Stinger V Rising
1 Fish Bone
6 Fish Oil
Twilight Snapper
Twilight Snapper V Rising
1 Fish Bone
10 Fish Oil
20 Scales
Summon Putrid Rat Boss
Golden River Bass
Golden River Bass V Rising
1 Fish Bone
10 Fish Oil
20 Scales
Swamp Dweller
Swamp Dweller V Rising
1 Fish Bone
10 Fish Oil
20 Scales
Blood Snapper
Blood Snapper V Rising
1 Fish Bone
10 Fish Oil
20 Scales

That’s all there is fishing in V Rising. We have more guides in our V Rising section for you to check out.

V Rising is currently available on Steam.