How to Fix Your Save File in V Rising

Here's how to fix your save file in V Rising if you host your game and your progress is lost.

V Rising has been steadily receiving new updates to address various bugs, balance issues, and quality of life improvements. After updating your game, it’s not uncommon to experience some issues with your game server. You may load up your server and notice you’ve lost hours of progress. Don’t worry though, there’s a way to fix this, and your progress and items are not lost forever. Here’s how to fix your save file in V Rising.

V Rising Save File Location

The V Rising save folder is located in the following directory:

C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow\Stunlock Studios\VRising\Saves\

In the Saves folder, you will likely see a folder called V1, along with some other folders. Pick the one that corresponds with your latest save. You can sort by date modified to figure this out. Inside the V1 folder, you’ll see a GUID–a string of letters and numbers. The GUID corresponds to your host file, and in that folder, you can find your Session ID, server game settings, server host settings, and all of your autosave files.

You will see individual folders for each of the most recent autosaves. That’s where all the information about your game is stored. You will see the save file’s date by looking in the date modified folder. Make sure to back up this folder somewhere on your computer in case you accidentally delete essential save files you need.

How to Fix Your Save File in V Rising

To fix your V Rising save file that is missing progress, navigate to the save file directory and delete any recent saves that are missing data. 

If, for example, you logged off your previous game at 2:29 a.m. and everything was going fine. Then, you update your V Rising and launch the game at 1:17 p.m., only to find you’re missing a few hours of progress. You can delete recent autosaves after the 2:29 a.m. modified date, relaunch V Rising, and try to host the server again.

How to Fix Your Save File in V Rising
Delete unnecessary autosave in the V Rising directory

In this particular case, we had some extra autosaves that reverted back to a previous save state, possibly due to an issue with the update and Steam Sync, so we deleted those. After deleting those newer autosaves, we hosted the server again, and we were back where we left off!

You can check out our V Rising updates page to take a look at all of the recent patch notes.

V Rising is currently available onĀ Steam.

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