V Rising Free To Play Weekend (October 2022) 

Dying to play the blood-sucking fun in V Rising? Here's the details for the V Rising free-to-play weekend in October 2022.

The vampire-survivor game, V Rising, had a pretty meteoric rise when it first hit the steam store in May of 2022. A mixture of survival game meets open-world RPG, V Rising’s initial start was massive, hitting 150,000 concurrent players during its post-launch weekend. Since then, the hype for the game has died down a bit, but the developers, Stunlock Studios, have been constantly at work tweaking and improving the game. If you still need to check it out, we recommend downloading it for the V Rising free-to-play weekend in October 2022.

When is the V Rising Free To Play Weekend?

According to the official Stunlock Studios blog, V Rising will go free-to-play from October 28-November 1, 2022, to commemorate their Halloween event, Bloodfeast. 

How to Play V Rising for Free

Players who want to pick up V Rising for free during their Halloween event can visit the official V Rising Steam Store page starting October 28, 2022. Click the Add to Library button to download the game and start playing for free. 

V Rising is Available on GeForce Now

In addition to V Rising going free to play for the Halloween weekend, V Rising will be available on Nvidia’s cloud-gaming service, GeForce Now on October 27, 2022. 

Like similar cloud-gaming platforms, GeForce Now enables gamers with lower-end hardware to play the latest titles. Players who utilize the platform can find V Rising in the Games section when it launches on October 27. 

If you haven’t had the chance to jump into the dark and disturbing vampiric world of V Rising, make sure to do so this upcoming Halloween weekend. 

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