V Rising Hats and Where to Get Them

We have the full list of V RIsing hats, what they look like, and a quick rundown on where to find each of them.

Your vampire in V Rising can equip seven different items. You have a full set of armor, weapons, jewelry, and a cap. In terms of armor, you have a slot for a chest piece, legging, boots, gloves, and last but not least, the helmet. The hat or helmet is a unique piece of armor, as it has exactly zero stats and is purely cosmetic. Hats are also hard to come by, and that’s why you might be looking for a list of all the hats in V Rising and how to get them.

You may have picked up a random piece of armor in-game and asked, “why does this item have no stats?” Hats are the only piece of character gear with no stats. They are also the only type of item that can only be found and not crafted. For that reason, hats in V Rising are rare by nature, and collecting hats is indicative of a player’s ability and PvP prowess.

Below is a list of all the hats, helmets, crowns, and various other pieces of headgear in V Rising.

V Rising Hats

ImageHat NameLocation
Ashfolk CrownAshfolk CrownFishing and looting chests in Silverlight Hills
Ashfolk HelmetAshfolk HelmetSold by Ottar the Merchant
Bandit's HoodBandit’s HoodUnknown
V Rising Hats - Bear HeadBear HeadSold by Berk the Travelling Trader
V Rising Hats - Boneguard MaskBoneguard MaskKilling skeletons and looting coffins
V Rising Hats - BonnetBonnetLooting chests in Dawnbreak
V Rising Hats - Copper HelmCopper HelmUnknown
V Rising Hats - Crown of the ArchmageCrown of the ArchmageUnknown
V Rising Hats - Deer HeadDeer HeadSold by Berk the Travelling Trader
V Rising Hats - Footman's HelmetFootman’s HelmetFishing in Dunley Farmlands
V Rising Hats - Immortal King's Great HelmImmortal King’s GreathelmCrafted in the Dracula’s Relics Pack DLC
V Rising Hats - Iron HelmIron HelmUnknown
V Rising Hats - Knight's HelmetKnight’s HelmetLooting chests in Silverlight Hills
V Rising Hats - Maid's CapMaid’s CapLooting chests in Farbane Woods
V Rising Hats - Maid's ScarfMaid’s ScarfLooting chests in Dunley Farmlands
V Rising Hats - Militia HelmetMilitia HelmetFishing in the Cursed Forest area
V Rising Hats - MitreMitreSold by Ottar the Merchant
V Rising Hats - Necromancer's MitreNecromancer’s MitreSold by Gavyn the Shady Dealer
V Rising Hats - Night Lurker HelmNightlurker HeadUnknown
V Rising Hats - Paladin HelmetPaladin’s HelmetLooting chests in Silverlight Hills
V Rising Hats - Pilgrim HatPilgrim’s HatSold by Gavyn the Shady Dealer
V Rising Hats - Razer HoodRazer HoodUnknown
V Rising Hats - Sanguine FaceguardSanguine FaceguardUnknown
V Rising Hats - Scarecrow MaskScarecrow MaskLooting Scarecrows in the Abandoned Farm
V Rising Hats - Straw HatStraw HatFishing and looting chests in Cursed Forest
V Rising Hats - Top HatTop HatLooting chests in Silverlight Hills
V Rising Hats - Twilight CowlTwilight CowlUnknown
V Rising Hats - Undead General HelmetUndead General HelmetUnknown
V Rising Hats - Wolf HeadWolf HeadSold by Berk the Travelling Trader
V Rising Hats - Vampire Hunter HeadgearVampire Hunter HeadgearDrops from Tristan the Vampire Hunter

Where to find hats in V Rising

Hats can be found in chests, as drops from enemies, and by fishing in specific zones. The zone you’re in can influence the chances of which hat can drop. In general, hats are relatively rare, so you may only come across one or two, or none at all, during a session. Reference the full list of V Rising hats above for the locations.

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V Rising is currently available in early access on Steam.