Where to Farm Scourgestone in V Rising

These are the best spots to farm Scourgestone in V Rising, and a rundown of the best ways to acquire this magical resource.

If you want to be successful in V Rising, you’ll need a steady supply of Scourgestone. This resource typically serves as a bottleneck, preventing you from pumping out the good gear when you start ascending in level. Luckily, you can employ a few different methods to efficiently farm Scourgestone in V Rising. We’ll go over all of them here and provide crucial tips and tricks to increase your supply of this magic component.

Where to get Scourgestone in V Rising

You can get Scourgestone by crafting it at the Furnace, looting it from specific Undead enemies, and searching through containers.

Scourgestone Recipe

The recipe to make Scourgestone requires the following ingredients in a Furnace:

  1. Whetstone
  2. Glass
  3. Grave Dust
Scourgestone Recipe V Rising
Scourgestone Recipe, V Rising

Enemies that drop Scourgestone

Scourgestone is also an item that can drop from Undead enemies, including Skeleton Priests, Undead Commanders, and Banshees. The best spots to find these specific enemies include:

  • The Church of the Damned (Dunley Farmlands)
  • Ancient Village (Cursed Forest)
Scourgestone locations in V Rising
Scourgestone locations in V Rising

These locations are in close proximity to one another. You can teleport to the Vampire Waygate in southern Cursed Forest or the Waygate in central Dunley Farmlands and work your way north. There is a cave on the far east side of Cursed Forest that you can take back down south with your loot.

You will find a lot of Scourgestones in the houses located in the Ancient Villages in Cursed Forest. While you’re farming these areas, be sure to check all of the coffins and containers inside houses. Some containers contain 1-3 Scourgestone if you’re lucky!

It is also worth mentioning Tombs are well worth it when it comes to farming Scourgestones. You can build a few Tombs at your Castle and spawn Skeleton Priests. The recipe for spawning Skeleton Priests from Tombs in V Rising is:

  • 24 Sunflowers
  • 4 Gem Dust

Each Skeleton Priest can drop Bones, Grave Dust, and Scourgestone.

V Rising - Tomb Skeleton Priests
V Rising – Tomb Skeleton Priests

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