Valheim: How to Clear the Mist in the Mistlands

If you're having trouble navigating through the heavy fog in the Mistlands biome, try these three things to clear the mist away.

The launch of Valheim’s Mistlands update brings players a brand new biome, and if you’ve already visited it, you know how tough it can be to navigate. Between the brutal enemies and limited visibility, it’s not an easy place to survive and thrive. To help you out, we’ve put together this guide to show you how to clear out the mist to make things more visible and navigable.

How to Clear the Mist in Mistlands

There are several ways to clear out the mist in the Mistlands biome, including Wisplights, Wisp Torches, and the Mistwalker Sword.

You can clear out the mist in the Mistlands in Valheim by doing the following:

  1. Using Wisplights to clear the mist around you.
  2. Crafting and placing Wisp Torches to clear a large area of mist.
  3. Equipping the Mistwalker sword to clear a small area of mist around your character.


Yagluth, the Plains biome boss, now drops a few Torn Spirits upon death. Torn Spirits are one of the items required to create the Wisp fountain. To make the Wisp fountain in Valheim, you need the following materials:

  1. 10 Stone
  2. 1 Torn spirit
  3. Stonecutter

At night, the Wisp fountains attract “lured wisps,” and the wisps can be used to make the Wisplight. Simply head over to any Workbench and craft the Wisplight using one piece of Silver and one Wisp.

When the Wisplight is equipped, it clears out a large area of the mist around your Viking. This is perhaps the easiest way to clear the mist around Mistlands.

Mistwalker Sword

The Mistwalker Sword also clears a bit of mist around your character. It’s a small radius and may not be noticeable unless you’re zoomed in on your character, but it does help a little. As long as you play fairly zoomed-in, the Mistwalker Sword helps you see nearby enemies, making battles in the Mistlands much more manageable.

To craft the Mistwalker Sword, bring these materials to a Black Forge:

  • 3 Fine Wood
  • 15 Iron
  • 10 Refined eitr
  • 3 Wisp

The Black Forge is created using 5 Black Core, 10 Yggdrasil Wood, and 10 Black Marble. You can refer to our guide on how to get Refined eitr if you’re unsure about that.

You can find Black Cores inside the new infested mines, and you can get Yggdrasil Wood by chopping down Yggdrasil shoots (trees) using the Black Metal Axe.

Wisp Torches

Another way to clear mist in the Mistlands is by using Wisp Torches. These torches require 1 Wisp and 1 Yggdrasil Wood to craft and can be placed anywhere. Place enough of them, and you can completely clear out an area!

All of these methods are useful to clear out mist in the Mistlands in Valheim, so you’ll probably end up utilizing all three of them in your adventures. One final thing you can do is to climb up high. The more height you get in the Mistlands, the clearer the environment becomes. So if you need to get an idea of the terrain around you, try climbing up on a rock or small hill to get an overview!

Hopefully, this helps you navigate the new biome a little better. For more guides and walkthroughs, visit our Valheim section.