Valheim: How to Get Sap in the Mistlands

We explain everything you need to know about how to build a Sap Extractor and get Sap in the Valheim Mistlands update.
Valheim: How to Get and Farm Sap
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The new Mistlands biome in Valheim is home to a handful of new resources, one of which is Sap. You’ll need the Sap to create a variety of new items and structures, so figuring out how to get it is something you’ll need to learn eventually. Our guide below explains how to get it and how to get everything you need to make a Sap Extractor.

How to Get Sap in Valheim

You can get Sap in Valheim by going to the Mistlands biome, locating an Ancient Root, and placing a Sap Extractor on the root. The sap is harvested from the root over time until the root is depleted of its energy entirely. 

Sap Extractor in Valheim
Sap Extractor, Ancient Root

The Sap Extractor requires the following materials: 10 Yggdrasil Wood5 Black Metal1 Dvergr Extractor, and a Workbench.

Finding the Materials to Make a Sap Extractor

Required Material 1: Dvergr Extractor

The Sap Extractor is a craftable structure that unlocks after finding the Dvergr extractor, a material you found at any of the Dvergr outposts inside crates. It also drops from the Dvergr clan members themselves. More often than not, you’ll find them inside the long wooden Dvergr component crates.

Valheim Dvergr Component Crate
Valheim Dvergr Component Crate

Smash open the crate to find the Dvergr extractor, but be careful because all of the nearby Dvergr clan members will go hostile and start attacking you.

Required Material 2: Yggdrasil Wood

The next material you need to make the Sap Extractor is Yggdrasil Wood, which is native to the Yggdrasil shoot trees in the Mistlands. You’ll find these trees all over the place, as they are not really rare of anything. They do, however, require you have a Black Metal Axe to chop them down. Stone, Bronze, and Iron axes are not strong enough to chop down this tough tree.

As a side note, the Jotun Bane also works to demolish these trees. That’s a new craftable weapon in the Valheim Mistlands update that you can make using 5 Yggdrasil Wood, 15 Iron, 1 Bilebag, and 10 Refined eitr.

How to get Yggdrasil Wood in Valheim

Required Material 3: Black Metal

If you played Valheim all the way through prior to the Mistlands update, Black Metal is nothing new to you. For anyone who needs an explanation, Black Metal comes from the Plains biome. You can find it by killing the Fuling goblins or by looting the Fuling camps located around the Plains area.

Players who haven’t fought Fuling NPCs before are in for a surprise because they’re very strong, and taking down the full camps can be tricky!

Valheim, Black Metal Fuling Camp
Fuling Camp

Locating the Ancient Root

Once you have all the required materials to make a Sap Extractor, your next goal is to find an ancient root. When you locate a root, you will need to place a Workbench anywhere in the vicinity and then open your Crafting menu to make the Sap Extractor. Place the Sap Extractor anywhere on the ancient root, and wait. Over time, the Sap Extractor will harvest sap from the ancient root, draining the root of its energy.

Valheim Ancient Root, Sap Extractor
Sap Extractor

You don’t need to worry about any enemies attacking your Sap Extractor, as they are not interested in destroying it. This is good because you’ll need to place these all over the place to start farming Sap efficiently. When the extractor starts glowing green, it has extracted some sap from the mysterious branches.

You can place several Sap Extractors on a single root, but you cannot place them too close together. Remember to mark your map after placing your Sap Extractor, as finding them again can be a real headache. Each extractor can extract one sap every couple of minutes, so the process is quite fast.

Valheim Sap Extractor

After you leave your extractors collecting sap for a while, the root will eventually dry up. You know this is the case because the root will lose its glow, and when you mouse over it, it will say, “The ancient root seems all dried up.” When that happens, you can remove all your Sap Extractors and wait a few in-game days for the root to regenerate its energy and produce more sap.

Note: Make sure to loot the sap from your extractors before destroying them, as it does not seem like you get any sap stored in them back.

Valheim map with "Sap" markers

Now you can set up a few sap farms in the new Valheim Mistlands update and go and harvest it whenever you need to restock. That’s about everything you need to know about how to get sap and make a Sap Extractor in Valheim. Hopefully, this guide helps you out. If you found it useful, feel free to share it, and check out our Valheim section for more Mistlands guides and walkthroughs.

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