How to Unlock the Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors

Learn how to unlock the third stage, "Dairy Plant," in Vampire Survivors.

There are many stages available in Vampire Survivors, each featuring unique enemies, environments, and items. The third stage in the game is a place known as Dairy Plant, and it’s a level you’ll have to unlock before you can play it. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors, including Hyper Mode and a list of all the items on the stage.

Dairy Plant’s in-game description reads, “The magic map hidden in here might finally lead us to a vampire, or at least to more roast chicken.”

How to Unlock Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors

To unlock Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors, you need to reach level 40 in Inlaid Library. You can achieve this task with any playable character you desire, as there are no special requirements aside from leveling to 40.

How to Unlock Hyper Mode on Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors

To unlock Hyper Mode for Dairy Plant, you need to defeat the Sword Giant that spawns at the 25:00 mark.

What items are on Dairy Plant?

Dairy Plant features a few pickup items and some map-specific exclusive items. Here are the items featured on Dairy Plant:

  • Attractorb: northwest of the starting area.
  • Armor: northeast of the starting area.
  • Candelabrador: southeast of starting area.
  • Wings: southwest of the starting area.

Players can also discover Poppea Pecorina’s coffin in the southeast part of the map. Finding this item unlocks Poppea as a playable character. Lastly, the Milky Way Map is also available at Dairy Plant, far south of the starting area. 

Vampire Survivors Dairy Plant Items

Milky Way Map

The Milky Way Map is a Relic found on the Dairy Plant stage. Finding this map allows you to access a map for all the stage items and Treasure Chests from the pause menu. 

Follow the green arrow to find the Milky Way chest. After obtaining it, you cannot find it again. You can press the “Esc” key to view the map on any game stage.

That’s how to unlock Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors. If anything about this level changes, we’ll update our page to reflect it. Please comment below if you have anything to add!

Vampire Survivors is available for Windows and macOS via Steam.