Vampire Survivors Krochi Freetto Character Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about Krochi in Vampire Survivors, including how to unlock him and his starting weapon.

Many playable characters are available in Vampire Survivors, some of which must be purchased with Gold Coins or unlocked through special actions. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Krochi in Vampire Survivors and explain his starting weapon and passive bonuses.

Krochi is one of 24 total characters in Vampire Survivors. His full name, Krochi Freetto, is a portmanteau of the Italian words crocifisso and fritto, which mean crucified and fried, respectively. Hence the character’s appearance and starting weapon (the Cross).

How to unlock Krochi in Vampire Survivors

Unlocking Krochi in Vampire Survivors requires a total of 100,000 enemies to be defeated. The total can be accumulated across multiple runs and is simply a running tally of your overall kill count. After unlocking Krochi, he can be purchased from the Character Select screen for 500 Gold. 

What are Krochi’s passive bonuses in Vampire Survivors?

Krochi starts each run with 1 Revival, allowing him to respawn on death with 50% of his total health. He also gains an additional Revival at level 33, and also has a +30% MoveSpeed passive bonus that is always active. Thanks to his MoveSpeed bonus, Krochi is the second fastest character in the game behind Mask of the Red Death.

Vampire Survivors Krochi

What is Krochi’s starting weapon in Vampire Survivors?

Krochi’s starting weapon is the Cross, which is first unlocked for all characters by finding a Rosary in any of your runs. The weapon caps out at level eight, evolves into the Heaven Sword with the Clover, and has the following attributes per level:

  1. Aims at the nearest enemy and has a boomerang effect.
  2. Base damage increases by 10.
  3. Base speed increases by 25%, and base area increases by 10%.
  4. Fires one additional projectile.
  5. Base damage increases by 10.
  6. Base speed increases by 25%, and base area increases by 10%.
  7. Fires one additional projectile.
  8. Base damage increases by 10.
Vampire Survivors Cross Weapon

The Cross weapon does not benefit from Duration, but it does benefit from Speed, which improves the distance of the Cross before its boomerang effect. Amount also affects the number of Crosses thrown. The Cross is thrown in one direction at the nearest enemy, and then turns around and flies off the screen in the opposite direction, damaging all enemies in its path.

That’s everything you need to know about Krochi in Vampire Survivors. If anything changes about Giovanna in future updates, we will update this page.

Vampire Survivors is available for Windows and macOS via Steam.