How to Unlock Minnah in Vampire Survivors

Here's how to unlock Minnah in Vampire Survivors, one of the many hidden characters inside the game.

There are several hidden playable characters in Vampire Survivors, with new ones being added every few updates. Minnah is one of the hidden characters, introduced alongside another hidden character, Smith IV. You’ll need to unlock a few other things in the game first. Here’s how to unlock Minnah in Vampire Survivors.

How to Unlock Minnah in Vampire Survivors

To unlock Minnah in Vampire Survivors:

  1. Obtain the Yellow Sign Relic from Moongolow.
  2. Find the Cheese spawn on Dairy Plant.
  3. Attract the Cheese using Mad Groove (VIII) Arcana.
  4. Defeat the 7 werewolves that spawn.
  5. Listen for the song to play.
  6. Purchase Minnah for 666 Gold.

Unlocking Minnah is a bit of a process, but assuming you already finished Moongolow and obtained the Yellow Sign, it’s not too much of a hassle. First, finish Moongolow and grab the Yellow Sign if you haven’t already. Getting that Relic unlocks a special item on Dairy Plant, which is a piece of cheese.

Load up another run, select Dairy Plant, turn Arcanas on, and equip your character with Mad Groove (VIII). Locate the cheese near the start of the Dairy Plant stage. Wait for Mad Groove (VIII) to activate, and you should get the cheese. You may not have this Arcana unlocked, so visit our Vampire Survivors Arcanas page if you need to know how to unlock it.

After grabbing the cheese, a few werewolves will spawn. You will need to defeat all seven of the werewolves to unlock Minnah. Listen for the sound cue that plays after eliminating all the werewolves. Once you hear that, you can quit to the main menu and purchase Minnah for 777 Gold!

What is Minnah’s starting weapon in Vampire Survivors?

Minnah starts every run with the Blood Tear, which is the upgraded version of the basic whip. Usually, you would need to combine the Whip and the Hollow Heart at level 8 to make the Bloody Tear, but seeing as how this character starts with it, it makes Minnah a very strong starting character.

What are Minnah’s passive bonuses in Vampire Survivors?

Minnah has the following passive bonuses:

  • 150 Max Health
  • 0.5 Recovery
  • -70% Might
  • +10% Might every 3 levels until 24

That’s how to unlock Minnah in Vampire Survivors. If anything about this character, we’ll update our page to reflect it. Please comment below if you have anything to add!

Vampire Survivors is available for Windows and macOS via Steam.