Vampire Survivors Power Ups

Our Vampire Survivors power ups guide lists every individual power up, the optimal purchase order, and everything you need to know.

Vampire Survivors is a game that gets progressively more difficult as you unlock new stages. Given that it’s a rogue-lite, the one semi-permanent aspect of your character is the power ups you purchase with Gold Coins. There are over a dozen power ups, and they grant improvements to various stats and weapons. This Vampire Survivors power ups guide will explain each power up and the optimal order to obtain them to save some gold.

At the time of writing, there are 19 total power ups in Vampire Survivors. The complete list is below, which you can reference to figure out how each of them affects your character’s stats. There are a few power ups that may not be available in your game, and that’s because they have a specific unlock requirement. Those locked power ups include Reroll, Revival, and Skip.

Vampire Survivors Power Ups

Below is a complete list of all 19 power ups in Vampire Survivors. Note that this is current as of patch 0.5.0, but it is entirely possible the developer adds more power ups to the game in future content updates. As new power ups are added, we will update our list and recalculate the optimal buy order. The optimal buy order listed below is a recommendation for the cheapest path to purchase power ups.

Vampire Survivors Power Ups List

StatDescriptionMax rankCost
AmountFires 1 more projectile (all weapons).15,000
AreaAugments area of attacks by 5% per rank (max +10%).2300
ArmorReduces incoming damage by 1 per rank (max -3).3600
BanishOnce per rank, allows to remove an item from level up choices, for the rest of the run.3200
CooldownUses weapons 2.5% faster per rank (max 5%).2900
CurseIncreases enemy speed, health, quantity, and frequency by 10% per rank (max +50%).51,666
DurationEffects from weapons last 15% longer per rank (max +30%).2300
GreedGains 10% more coins per rank (max +50%).5200
GrowthGains 3% more experience per rank (max +15%).5900
LuckChance to get lucky goes up by 10% per rank (max +30%).3600
MagnetItems pickup range +25% per rank (max +50%).2300
Max HealthAugments max health by 10% per rank (max +30%).3200
MightRaises inflicted damage by 5% per rank (max +25%).5200
MoveSpeedCharacter moves 5% faster per rank (max 10%).2300
RecoveryRecovers 0.1 HP per rank per second (max 0.5 HP).5200
RerollOnce per rank, allows to get different choices when leveling up.35,000
RevivalRevives once at 50% health.110,000
SkipOnce per rank, allows to skip level up choices and get Experience instead.2200
SpeedProjectiles move 10% faster per rank (max +20%).2300

Vampire Survivors Power Up Order

Here is the optimal order to purchase each PowerUp in Vampire Survivors:

OrderPower UpRankCostTotal Cost
18Max Health32007480

In total, the cost comes to 235,939 Gold if you purchase Vampire Survivors power ups in this order. Generally, the rule of thumb is to purchase the most expensive power ups first. There is no penalty for refunding power ups, so you can experiment with them however you please. You can check out this third-party Vampire Survivors power up calculator if you need to calculate the amount of gold you need for specific power ups.

That’s our complete Vampire Survivors power up guide. Comment below if you have anything you’d like to add!

Vampire Survivors is available for Windows and macOS via Steam.