Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Megalo Menya Moonspell

Here's how to unlock the upgraded Menya, Megalo Menya, in the Vampire Survivors DLC!

Vampire Survivors added eight new playable characters in the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. One of them is named Megalo Menya and is more or less an upgraded version of Menya Moonspell. In this guide, we’ll explain what you need to do to unlock Megalo Menya so you can unlock her on your own!

Before you dive in, you may want to check out our guide on how to unlock Menya Moonspell if you don’t already have this character. If you already have the character unlocked, you’re ready to dive into the next steps.

How to Unlock Megalo Menya in Vampire Survivors

To unlock Megalo Menya, you will need to play as Menya Moonspell and kill 100,000 enemies in a single run. That may sound like a lot of enemies, but we have some tips and tricks to make this a bit more manageable for you.

First, you’ll obviously need to play as Menya Moonspell. We recommend choosing the Mad Forest stage, setting the max weapons to one, and enabling Limit Break and Arcanas. You may also want the Silent Old Sanctuary Arcana, which gives you three Reroll, Skip, and Banish and provides a bonus of 100 Might and -40% Cooldown since your remaining weapon slots will be empty.

Note: You can unlock Silent Old Sanctuary Arcana by reaching minute 31 on the Dairy Plant stage. It’s not required, but it helps. The problem is that once you get to around 80,000 enemies, they become tough to kill. Avoid cursed items that boost enemy health.

Next, you’ll want to evolve Menya’s starting weapon, the Four Seasons, by finding the Spinach and Candelabdrador passives. Your primary objective is to evolve the weapon as fast as possible, so max out the Spinach, Candelabrador, and Four Seasons, and then loot the first chest once you’ve done that. Make sure you leave the first chest on the floor until you’re ready to evolve the weapon.

If you do this correctly, you can evolve the Four Seasons weapon into Godai Shuffle just a few minutes into the run. At that point, your weapon will be incredibly overpowered, allowing you to pretty much go AFK anywhere on the map and passively kill any monster that comes your way.

As you max out all your passives, you can start limit-breaking your evolved Four Seasons weapon. The area of effect will take up the whole screen and melt anything. One thing you will need to do, however, is collect all the experience gems. Look for the magnet to attract them all to you.

How to Unlock Megalo Menya in Vampire Survivors

Pay attention to the skull on the top right of the screen, as that’s your kill counter. Once you hit 100,000, you will unlock Megalo Menya! Megalo Menya Moonspell cannot be damaged but disappears after reaching the current Time Limit. The character starts with ‘Hidden 108 Bocce.’