Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Menya Moonspell

Here's what you need to know to unlock the second new DLC character in Vampire Survivors, Menya Moonspell!

Vampire Survivors players looking to unlock the second new DLC can look no further because we’ve everything you need to know to get Menya Moonspell. If you haven’t already unlocked Miang Moonspell, you may want to give our previous guide a readthrough before proceeding because you will need Miang

How to Unlock Menya Moonspell in Vampire Survivors

To unlock Menya Moonspell, start a new game as Miang Moonspell, and evolve the Silver Wind weapon. You can evolve Silver Wind into Festive Winds by getting the Silver Wind to level eight and the Pummarola to level five. After maxing out both items, you can get the Festive Winds inside a chest.

The Silver Wind weapon is a new DLC weapon, and it’s also Miang Moonspell’s starting weapon. Therefore, you will obviously need to play as Miang Moonspell to do this achievement quickly. You can play on any stage, and we would probably recommend Mad Forest on Hyper mode to do it as quickly as possible.

As soon as you see Pummarola, pick it up, and start maxing out the Pummarola and Silver Wind. You will need to max out both items, which is not always the case with weapon evolutions, to evolve the Silver Wind into Festive Winds. Once you have both items maxed out, you can find the Festive Winds whenever you loot a chest that drops from a boss or miniboss. 

Festive Winds weakens the enemy’s defenses every time it hits them. It’s also pretty strong, making it a nice synergy weapon in any build imaginable. We think it would be practical for a boss-killer build, where you’re trying to pump as much damage as possible. 

Alright, once you’ve upgraded the Silver Wind to Festive Winds, you have Menya Moonspell unlocked. You can finish out your run or just leave the game, whichever you prefer. 

Menya Moonspell becomes stronger and invincible for a fixed interval after defeating many enemies. This may make for a good Death killer character! Menya also starts with a weapon called Four Seasons, which shoots out snow, leaves, blossoms, and flowers in all directions.

There you have it; now you’ve unlocked Menya Moonspell, the second new DLC character in Vampire Survivors!