Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Syuuto

Here's how to unlock Syuuto, the third new DLC character to find in Vampire Survivors!

Vampire Survivors‘ new DLC releases a few new characters to the mix, and the third one you’ll probably end up unlocking is Syuuto. If you’re wondering how to get this character, we’ve put together a brief guide to walk you through the process. You’ll want to have Menya Moonspell unlocked first, so read through our guide on that if you haven’t already done it.

How to Unlock Syuuto in Vampire Survivors

Syuuto is unlocked by evolving the Four Seasons weapon into Godai Shuffle. You can evolve the Four Seasons weapon by obtaining and maxing out the Spinach and Candelabrador and finding the upgrade inside a chest.

Vampire Survivors Godai Shuffle

Unlike some other weapon evolutions, this requires the passive skills to be maxed, so you will need to get the Spinach and Candelabrador to level five, and the Four Seasons must be at level eight. With all three items maxed, you’ll need to loot any chest for a chance to obtain the upgraded version, which is called Godai Shuffle.

The easiest way to achieve this is by starting with Menya Moonspell and selecting any map on Hyper mode. You will want to obtain Spinach and Candelabrador as early as possible and focus on maxing both of them out. You can even opt to use one max starting weapon only to make this quicker. However, I was able to do it within about ten minutes in Hyper Mode on the Inlaid Library stage.

Godai Shuffle is a neat upgrade; it essentially just creates an additional large explosion wherever your character is standing, in addition to doing the regular stuff of Four Seasons. It does seem very strong upon initial testing, so it could be a weapon to integrate into your current builds.

Vampire Survivors Godai Shuffle Skill

Once you have the Godai Shuffle weapon, you can finish out your run or leave the game to go check out Syuuto. Syuuto starts with the hidden Night Sword and morphs into a stronger version of himself when his base weapon evolves! With Syuuto unlocked, you can now get Babi-Onna.