Vampire Survivors 0.5.2 Adds New Character, Weapons, Arcanas, and More

We have the update log and patch notes for the Vampire Survivor patch 0.5.2, which was released on May 8, 2022.

Poncle has been busy behind the scenes updating the popular bullet hell action roguelike known as Vampire Survivors. The new content updates this week, patch 0.5.2, introduces a bunch of new achievements, a new weapon along with two weapon evolutions, more Arcanas, and a new character. Below, we’ll take a look at all of the new items and content added to Vampire Survivors in update 0.5.2.

Vampire Survivors Patch Notes for 0.5.2

Vampire Survivors added the following new content during update 0.5.2:

  • Eight new achievements
  • A coffin in Gallo Tower
  • One new weapon
  • Two weapon evolutions
  • One new item to pickup
  • Two new Arcanas
  • One new relic/minor gameplay option
  • One more rank for Banish

First up, and most importantly, a brand new character called Concetta Caciotta is available. She starts with one of the new Vampire Survivors weapons called the Shadow Pinion, which can be evolved into the Valkyrie Turner if coupled with Wings at level eight. Concetta is unlocked by exploring Gallo Tower in the new update and finding the coffin.

Speaking of weapons, the Gatti Amari “cat” starting weapon for Giovanna Grana has finally received an evolution called Vicious Hunger. The new weapon can turn anything into gold, and players can get it by upgrading the Gatti Amari with a Stone Mask at level eight.

Lastly, we have two new Arcanas to unlock and check out by completing some special in-game requirements. These new Arcanas are Disco of GOld and Boogaloo of Illusions. Players can unlock these by reaching minute 31 in the Inlaid Library and reaching level 99 with Concetta. 

There are also a few new achievements to unlock, as well as a new relic and a new pickup item called the Gilded Clover, which begins a Gold Fever.

Vampire Survivors is currently available to purchase and play on Steam.