Where to Find Teodrik in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

The Smalland: Giant’s Fall update introduced a new NPC named Teodrik, or the Historian, that players can meet to unlock new items and continue the main questline. Here’s where you can find him.

In Smalland: Survive the Wilds, there are a variety of NPCs scattered across the forest that you’ll need to find to unlock new recipes, items, and to continue the storyline. Players must find Teodrik (listed as the Historian on the map) after obtaining The Clover Key to unlock a new resource called Pyrite and translate the book the Elder gave you. If you’re unsure where he is on the map, this guide will show you where to find Teodrik.

Where to Find Teodrik or Historian in Smalland

Teodrik can be found in the southeast part of the map, in ruins high above ground level. To reach him, make your way up the runs and across the broken bridge. Continue west, and eventually, you’ll find a cave entrance you can use to make your way to Teodrik’s library.

Using a flying mount like a Damselfly will make reaching Teodrik much easier. With one, you can fly over the bridge and up to the platform to his floating library. Remember to bring a torch, too, because it is very dark in the caves and you’ll need one to see.

Once you speak to the Historian, he will give you the location for the Merchant, unlock Pyrite crafting, and give you the recipe for a Hornet Treat to get a flying Hornet mount

Speaking to the Historian will unlock the following armor: 

  • Pyrite Helmet
  • Pyrite Pauldron
  • Pyrite Vambrace
  • Pyrite Leggings

There is also a recipe for a Pyrite Sword in the dark caves, but that’s a guide for another day. 

If you are still having trouble finding him, watch our video tutorial below:

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