Wild Hearts: How to Blow Up Rocks and Boulders

Here's what you'll need to know to explode those giant rock walls in Wild Hearts.

During your adventures as a hunter in Wild Hearts, you will eventually encounter some suspicious-looking rock walls. They are a lighter gray shade, and as most gamers know, this implies you can destroy them. Here’s how to blow up and destroy rocks and boulders in Wild Hearts.

How to Blow Up Rocks in Wild Hearts

To blow up destructible rocks in Wild Hearts, you must use the Star Bomb Fusion Karakuri. The Star Bomb can be constructed using a Spring, Torch, and Spring, in that order. 

Star Bombs explode on their own after a short period of time. They also explode instantly if a Kemono comes in contact with them, so they can also be a good offensive Fusion Karakuri, as well.

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When you come across a destructible rock wall, place the Star Bomb next to it, back off, and wait a few seconds. The Star Bomb will explode, bringing down the wall and granting you access to the shortcut or hidden area. One place this comes in handy is the Akikura Canyon, but we’ll avoid specific spoilers. You can usually find these sorts of rock walls inside caves.

If you’ve yet to unlock the Star Bomb, you’ll need to make sure you’ve reached that point in your Karakuri upgrade tree. Next, you’ll need to hunt a particular Kemono with the Torch and Spring equipped and then look out for the Flash of Inspiration during the fight. Press the button combination shown on the screen during the Karakuri Flash, and you’ll unlock the Star Bomb.

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