Wild Hearts: How to Get More Karakuri Thread

Here's how to increase your max Karakuri Thread limit, and all the ways to get more Thread in Wild Hearts.

Karakuri Thread is an important material to conjure Karakuri, and Fusion Karakuri is a crucial mechanic to master in Wild Hearts. Placing the right Karakuri during your hunts will help you take down the toughest Kemono in the game, but you’ll need to make sure you manage your Thread supply. In this guide, we’ll show you a few ways to get more Karakuri Thread, including how to increase your max capacity and get bonus Karakuri Thread for challenging hunts.

How to Get More Karakuri Thread in Wild Hearts

These are all the ways to get more Karakuri Thread in Wild Hearts:

  • Extract it from rocks and trees
  • Enhance your Tsukumo
  • Perform Hunter’s Arm on large Kemono
  • Build a Celestial Tsukumo Camp

First off, you likely already know the basic mechanic of extracting Karakuro Thread from the environment. Use your hunter’s vision to locate rocks and trees from which you can extract Thread. This is covered in the early game tutorial, so there’s not much else to say about it.

To increase your overall Karakuri Thread capacity, you will need to enhance your Tsukumo. You can do this by finding more around the world and then visiting your campfire and choosing the Enhance Tsukumo option. Every time you enhance it, you will increase your overall Thread capacity by one.

A tip for finding Tsukumo more easily is to get the Hunting Tower: Deep Probe upgrade from the Karakuri upgrades menu. The upgrade enables hunting towers to detect the location of documents and Tsukumo.

Wild Hearts - Hunting Tower: Deep Probe Karakuri Upgrade

Similarly, it would help if you also got the Celestial Tsukumo Camp upgrade from the Karakuri Upgrade menu and built it in your camps. It is a cantonment for Tsukumo hiding in the wilds, who give thanks for its construction by supplying you with Celestial Thread. It temporarily doubles your Thread count, so popping this before a big hunt can be useful.

Next, the more significant boost of Karakuri Thread is by performing Hunter’s Arm during your Kemono hunts. Climb onto the Kemono and perform Hunter’s Arm on its weak spot. Doing this doubles your Karakuri Thread and also grants you free healing potions.

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Finally, you may be able to get perks on weapons, armor, and talisman that lower the Karakuri depletion rate. One such perk is Strong Arm: Thread, which increases the amount of Karakuri Thread obtainable while Hunter’s Arm is active. We’re still experimenting with this, so let us know in the comments below if you have any additional tips.