Wild Hearts: Where to Find Lizard Bloom

Here's how you can find Lizard Bloom easily in Wild Hearts.

There are tons of materials to collect from the various Kemono in Wild Hearts. You’ll have to kill a variety of large and small Kemono, depending on what you want to craft. Small Kemono often drop things needed for armor, like the Lizard Bloom, for example. Here’s a quick guide on where to find the Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts in case you’re having some trouble finding it.

Where to Find Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts

Lizard Bloom is a material that drops from Springwatch Monitors and Nightshade Monitors, which are Small Kemono found in Harugasumi Way and . There are two spots to find these small lizard-like creatures in Harugasumi Way early on in the game: the first is right outside the Giant Tree Trunk Camp to the east, and the second is by the Forgotten Burial ground northwest of the first camp.

If you’re deep into the game, you can also get Lizard Bloom from Nightshade Monitors, Small Kemono found in Akikure Canyon. These creatures are a little more plentiful in this area than the former, so we recommend heading here if you’re looking to farm Lizard Bloom. Travel to the Six Paths Lagoon dragon pit in western Akikure Canyon to find these creatures.

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Finding Lizard Bloom is not always guaranteed, but there’s a fairly high drop chance each time you kill a Springwatch Monitor or Nightshade Monitor. As mentioned, you may need these materials to craft various types of armor, so you should always collect them whenever possible!

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts. Time to start farming so you can collect every piece of armor in the game! I hope this helps you out on your journey.