How to Increase Inventory Capacity in Zero Sievert

If all that loot is weighing you down, you may need a bigger bag.

If you’ve dropped down into the overhead pixel extraction game, Zero Sievert, you already know looting is the name of the game. However, if you’re competent, there’s a good chance you’ve probably run out of inventory space in a raid already. After all, all those guns and supplies aren’t lightweight. Luckily, Zero Sievert makes increasing inventory capacity easy via its backpack system. 

Increasing Inventory Capacity in Zero Sievert

To increase your inventory capacity in Zero Sievert, equip a backpack with a higher carrying weight. You can purchase new backpacks from vendors in the game, like the Green Army and Crimson Corporation vendors. 

Backpacks in Zero Sievert come with a stat called Weight, which indicates how much you can carry. Backpacks will also affect your movement speed and ergonomics depending on the type of bag. 

To see all the backpacks in Zero Sievert, see below.

Backpacks in Zero Sievert

You can purchase Backpacks from the Barman in the starting bunker, Green Army, and the Crimson Corporation Vendors. 

Here’s a list of the backpacks in Zero Sievert: 

Backpack NameCarrying WeightMovement SpeedErgonomicCostVendor
Backpack 111 KG0%0%5,000Barman
RTV Backpack10 KG10%15%7,500Barman
RTV-000 Backpack12 KG7%18%13,000Barman
SZX-100 Backpack18 KG-10%-10%15,000Barman
ZX0P-500 Backpack15 KG12%20%%13,000Barman
School Bag9 KG0%0%3,500Barman
Military Standard Backpack19KG5%-5%20,000Green Army Vendor
Military High Capacity Backpack37KG-15%-25%55,000Crimson Corporation Vendor

As you’ve probably noticed, Backpacks aren’t cheap, so you’ll need to grind, loot, and complete missions until you can afford an upgrade. 

Once you get a better backpack, you’ll be able to stay out in the raid for a longer time, which should increase the amount you can take back each time. 

Hopefully, this straightforward guide helped you in your game. For more guides, see our Guides Section