ZERO Sievert Armor List

What are you wearing right now?

If you’re looking to survive longer in the 2D extraction game, ZERO Sievert, you’ll need to equip the right armor. There are a ton of different armors, and you gain access to them once you complete a few missions or build up enough bank to buy them.

Players unsure of what to equip or try to go for can take a look at our list of all the armor in the game so that you can choose. Remember that armor is extremely expensive in the game and will probably require some grinding. Below, you’ll find all the armor in ZERO Sievert.

ZERO Sievert Armor List

Armor NameImageMeleeRadiationAnomalyFragilityClassVendor
Bullet Proof Vest14%00%71Barman
Military AFZ-018%05%153Green Army
Military AFZ-132%2010%204Green Army
Military AFZ-252%5018%505Green Army
Police Armor20%00133Barman
Hunter Armor25%10042%554Barman
4C2F Armor30%3013%173Barman
6C33Z Armor42%6026%324Barman
Scientist Fook-012%10040%51Doctor
Scientist Fook-118%17565%82Doctor
Scientist Fook-227%25090%143Doctor
Seva Suit45%25095%655Doctor
Crimson CPR-027%07%63Crimson Army
Crimson CPR-132%3015%224Crimson Army
Crimson CPR-248%7023%525Crimson Army
Arman Suit53%14055%354Killing Arman
Kibba Armor25%300%706Complete Stylish One quest

How to Repair Armor in ZERO Sievert

Armor loses durability over time and can be repaired at the Workshop Module or by visiting the Doctor. The Doctor will repair your armor for a certain amount of Rubles, while the Workshop Module requires scrap to repair your armor.

ZERO Sievert Armor Explained

In ZERO Sievert, each armor will have different stats and attributes that make it more or less effective on the battlefield. These attributes include:

  • Melee: Defense against melee and bullet attacks.
  • Radiation: Defense against radiation. The higher the value, the more protection.
  • Anomaly: Defense against the extremely radiated areas that catch on fire.
  • Fragility: Determines how quickly armor loses durability.
  • Class: The armor’s tier level. The higher the number, the more powerful.

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If you look above, each armor has its pros and cons. Perhaps the only armor in the game is also the most expensive one, the Seva Suit, which you can purchase from the Doctor when your reputation is high enough. That’s why we ranked the Seva as S-Tier on our Armor Tier list. Even though the Kibba is technically a higher tier, it only has a higher Fragility by 5, and lacks in other areas.

Have other questions about gear or armor in ZERO Sievert? Let us know in the comments below. Check out our ZERO Sievert guides in our ZERO Sievert Section.