ZERO Sievert Skills, Specializations, and Build Guide

Read our guide to learn more about skills and specializations in ZERO Sievert.

In ZERO Sievert, you may be surprised to learn that there is a tech tree that you can invest points into. Sure, you already know about cooking and fitness, but did you know that in ZERO Sievert, you can specialize in skills from the menu screen to make your character even more powerful? 

In ZERO Sievert, your character has Skills that improve certain character attributes like speed, stamina, and stealth. Once you’ve maxed these skills, you unlock Specializations, which enable you to adjust your Hunter to your play style. Here’s what you need to know about skills, specializations, and builds in ZERO Sievert. 

How to Level Skill Specializations in ZERO Sievert

To level up your desired Specializations in ZERO Sievert, hit the J key to go to the main menu, then hit the arrow-down icon to navigate to Skills. Once a Skill has been maxed out, click the skill text, and choose a specialization in the window to the right of the skill menu. 

ZERO Sievert Skills
Skills, ZERO Sievert

If you can’t specialize yet, it’s because you don’t have enough points in the skill. Fitness, Style, Shooting, and Charisma are leveled by performing successful actions in the in-game world and exiting the raid alive. Medicine, Gunsmith, and Cooking are leveled by reading Skill Books or crafting in the specific discipline. 

ZERO Sievert All Skills and Specializations

There are 7 different skills that you have in ZERO Sievert. Each of these skills has its respective specializations you can further invest in as you level up your skills. 

The skills in ZERO Sievert include: 

See below for an in-depth breakdown of all the Skill Specializations in ZERO Sievert. 


Increases your physical stats, which determines how long your character can sprint. +2 Stamina is gained per level. 

Fitness Specializations

  • Jogger: Increases Stamina +10 (+2 per level). Running does not cost stamina under 20KG (+2KG per level).
  • Mule: Increases max carrying weight +5 (+.6 per level). 
  • Sprinter: Increases Stamina and Running Speed +5 (+1 Stamina per level) +1% (+3% running speed per level). Reduces running cost by -30% (-2% per level). 


Increases the speed at which your character loots. +3% looting speed is gained per level.

Style Specializations

  • Loot Goblin: Can see chests through walls. Increases looting speed by +30% (+ 3% per level) and increases loot found in chests by +20% (+2% per level). 
  • Stealth: Decreases enemy sight range by -10% (- 1% per level). Enemies take longer to detect you, +100% (+5% per level). You deal 10% more damage when not detected (+2% per level). 
  • Scout: Increases looting speed by 10% (+2% per level). Enemies are visible for 20% longer (+3% per level), and there are 30% more hidden stashes on the map (+2% per level). 


Increases your shooting abilities and reduces Recoil -by 2% per level, and increases your reload speed by +1% per level. 

Shooting Specializations

  • Operator: Reduces recoil by -15% (-2% per level). Increases reloading speed by +5% (+1% per level).
  • Fast Hands: Reduces recoil by -5% (-1% per level). Increases reloading speed by +20% (+2% per level).
  • Sniper: Increases ergonomics while aiming by +100 (10% per level). Increases damage while aiming by +50% (+8% per level). 


Increases the selling price of goods at the vendor by +1% per level and increases Vendor Rubles by +2% per level. 

Charisma Specializations

  • Charm: Traders have 50% more Rubles (+6% per level). 
  • Storage: Trades have 50% more items (+5% per level). 
  • Workaholic: Increases quest rewards by +30% (+3% per level). 


Enables the crafting of medicine at the crafting bench if you have the Infirmary Module. 

Medicine Specializations

  • Field medic: Decreases medication usage time by -40% (-6% per level). 
  • Pharmacist: Allow you to craft injectors with the Infirmary Module. 


Enables you to craft ammunition at the crafting bench if the Ammo Module is installed. 

Gunsmith Specializations

  • Modder: Mounted mods are 10% more effective (+2 per level). 
  • Gear lover: Reduces durability loss for weapons by -20% (-5% per level). 


Enables you to cook more advanced recipes and increases the nutritional value of foods by +3% per level. 

Cooking Specializations

  • Chef: Enables access to more recipes and Increases the nutritional value of foods by +30% (+5% per level).
  • Nutritionist: When not starving or dehydrated, you get +10 HP (+2 per level) and +15 Stamina (+2 per level).

ZERO Sievert Top Build

If you’re wondering what skills you should invest in, it really depends on what goals you have for your playthrough. However, we do have a few recommendations. 

The best specializations are:

  • Mule: This ends up paying dividends because you don’t have to sacrifice mobility for a larger bag. Increasing carrying capacity will enable you to scoop up more high-value items during your raids.
  • Stealth: If you’re tired of constantly dying, Stealth will help you a lot. You can go in the range of enemies, back up before they see you and snipe them at range. If you get ambushed and die often, then spec into Stealth.
  • Sniper: This Specialization is a toss-up. If you snipe, the increased damage buff in Sniper can’t be beaten. However, Operator and Fast Hands are also very viable if you like to get down and dirty in the battle.
  • Charm: As you get deeper into the late game, you will start bankrupting the Vendor at your base. While the other Specializations, Storage and Workaholic, are good, they lose usefulness later in the game you get.
  • Pharmacist: Being able to craft your own Injectors will save you money in the long run.
  • Modder: You will be modding your weapons in the late-game, so Modder is the Specialization to get.
  • Chef: Again, Chef will save you a lot of money in the long run–so it should be invested in.

Keep in mind this build is just a suggestion. You should play with what you enjoy the most and shift the builds around to fit your playstyle. 

Post your build in the comments section below! 

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