How to Collect Crystals in ZERO Sievert

Collecting crystals in ZERO Sievert is a hazardous task.

If you want to craft your own injectors in ZERO Sievert, you’ll need to collect the various crystals across the different levels in the game. These crystals are pretty radioactive, so gathering them is only intuitive if you know what you’re doing. 

In addition to being used in Injectors, the Doctor in the infirmary will also give you a quest line called Strange Crystals that requires you to collect all the different crystals in the game.

Collecting Crystals in ZERO Sievert

Before you collect any crystals, you’ll want to ensure that you have equipment that has radiation protection or anti-radiation pills you can take, since crystals contain a lot of radiation. There are three different kinds of Crystals in ZERO Sievert, and they include: 

  • Chemical Crystal
  • Fire Crystal
  • Electric Crystal 

Fire and Chemical Crystals are found in all biomes. You’ll need to avoid the highly radioactive areas surrounding them to gather them. To collect them, walk up to them and interact with them while avoiding the radioactive fire. Electric Crystals can be found at the Radio Tower in the Makeshift Camp. For a full guide on how to extract the crystals, keep reading. 

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Gathering Fire and Chemical Crystals

Chemical Crystals are the green crystals found throughout the maps, while Fire Crystals are the red ones. 

Chemical Crystals will have green fire radiating around them, which you’ll want to avoid walking over, or it can kill you. Walk around the green fire, then interact when you’re close to the crystal to loot it. You will sustain radioactivity while you loot, so make sure to loot fast!

Collect Chemical Crystals in ZERO Sievert
Screenshot by Gamer Digest

Fire Crystals are a bit trickier to get because the fire is not visible to the player until they walk over it. However, walking over it also causes major damage–so there is a trick you can use. 

Walk up to the Fire Crystals and hit the G key or Throw Bolt command. Your character will throw a small bolt out, and the highly radioactive areas will light on fire, indicating where you shouldn’t walk. Walk around the fire and interact with the crystals to loot them.

Collect Fire Crystals in ZERO Sievert
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Getting Electric Crystals

Electric Crystals are blue crystals dropped by the giant floating energy balls in the Radio Tower on the Makeshift Camp map. To see what this looks like on your map, see below: 

Radio tower location on map
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Simply kill the floating energy balls, then interact with their corpses to extract the Electric Crystals. These enemies pack a pretty powerful punch but are fairly slow, so you should attack them at range, and they will slowly float toward you. 

Collect Electric Crystals in ZERO Sievert
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What are Crystals in ZERO Sievert?

Crystals in ZERO Sievert are used for Injectors or the syringes you can make to boost specific stats, like HP, carrying capacity, or energy, for a limited time. Usually, Injectors come in handy when you’re trying to make it out alive or when taking on a boss or tough enemy. 

If you’re not making your own meds, another thing you can do is sell the crystals to the vendor for more Rubles. They are fairly easy to collect with the right gear, so it’s an easy way to pad your bank account if you’re running low on funds. 

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