Zero Sievert: Forest Map and Beginners Guide

If you're just getting started in Zero Sievert, our Forest map & beginners guide will help you through it.

In the first 20 hours or so of Zero Sievert, you’ll find yourself mostly in the Forest biome, completing quests for the Barman and Green Army. While randomly generated, there are several key locations on the map that new players should know about to get the most out of each raid. Below, we’ve compiled a starter guide on the Forest map that will help you complete all the quests. 

Zero Sievert certainly doesn’t hold your hand for the game. It’s mainly up to the player to determine the best items and weapon loadouts. Don’t get frustrated if you die a lot–it’s part of the game. The best thing you can do in the beginning is take it slow and try to get the most Rubles out of each raid. 

Zero Sievert: The Forest Biome

The Forest Biome is split up into a few specific regions for quests. Remember that each time you load a new raid, each location will be randomized except for the Town, which stays static in the center of the map. The key locations in the Forest raid include:

Use this map to navigate your way around the Forest biome:

Zero Sievert: Forest Map
Forest Map, Zero Sievert

The Town

While other locations shift and move around, the town in Zero Sievert is a constant. Located in the center of the map, the town is infested with Ghouls, which show up more frequently at night. Houses in the town each have different, randomized loot. This location is the center of a bunch of different quests, including Documents part 1 and 2. In addition, it’s a great place to complete your Ghoul Destroyer quest, especially at night.

Zero Sievert: Forest Map - The Town
The Town, Zero Sievert

In the center of the town is the Forest biomes boss, Lazar. You’ll need some good tactics and firepower to take him out and loot his high-value safes. Take it slow, as there could be a Ghoul around any corner. 

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The Ghoul’s Lair

The Ghoul’s Lair spawns randomly on the map. Eventually, the Green Army will request you blow it up as part of the Destroy the Ghoul’s Lair quest, which you can do by purchasing TNT from the Green Army Vendor. 

Zero Sievert: Forest Map Ghoul Lair
Ghoul’s Lair, Zero Sievert

Inside the Ghoul’s Lair, there are–what else, a ton of Ghouls. It’s best to save this excursion until you have the quest, as there is no real good loot except the meat you get from killing Ghouls. 

When navigating inside the Lair, ensure you have a Head Lamp or Night Vision Goggles, as it is pitch black. 

The Sawmill

The Sawmill is another location you’ll need to explore in the Forest biome for the Green Army, eventually. It’s also a good source for loot and experience, as it crawls with bandits. You can easily 1 shot with a sniper rifle. 

Zero Sievert Forest Map: Sawmill
Sawmill, Zero Sievert

Take it slow when approaching the Sawmill and use a silencer if you have one, as the bandits that control it will swarm you if they figure out your location. When entering the Sawmill’s main structure (the big red building), stay wary, as there are typically 2-3 enemies inside the building. 

Igor’s House

Igor is a lone hunter who lives in the Forest with his trusty rifle. He’s also the center of two of the quests you’ll get in the game, “The Old Man” and “Meat for Igor.” His house will spawn randomly on the map but will be marked after you visit for the first time. 

Igor’s House, Zero Sievert

Completing the Meat for Igor quest will Igor’s chest each time you load into the Forest and is a great source of materials, resources, and items. 

Zero Sievert Starter Tips & Tricks

Before you even load into your first raid in the Forest Biome, there are a few things you should know about Zero Sievert, including: 

Once you master these basic concepts, you’ll be able to maximize the amount you loot in every raid. 

You can purchase Zero Sievert on the Steam Store. Good luck out there. 

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