Zero Sievert: Ghoul’s Lair Guide

Don't get overrun by Ghouls, follow our guide instead.

If you’ve been raiding in the Forest biome in Zero Sievert, you’ll eventually be tasked by the Green Army to destroy the Ghoul’s lair. This is one of the first dungeons in the game that you’ll need to complete, and the task is tricky. Luckily, you’ll have received a few pieces of gear that should make the job easier. 

If you’ve taken the Destroy the Ghoul’s Lair quest from General Artemovich, but are struggling with it, then we have your solution with our guide below. To unlock Destroy the Ghoul’s lair, you’ll need to have completed the Ghoul Destroyer quest, which tasks you with killing Ghouls on any map.

Zero Sievert: Ghoul’s Lair Guide

To finish the Destroy the Ghoul’s lair quest from General Artemovich, players must first locate the Ghoul’s lair in the Forest biome. The lair spawns randomly but will be marked on your map. Use a Headlamp or Night Vission Goggles to navigate inside the lair, find the barrels, and blow the lair up with dynamite you purchase from the Green Army vendor.

The Ghoul Lair is a cave on the Forest map that spawns randomly each time you re-load the level. Once you find the Ghoul Lair or accept the quest, the location will be marked on the map with a yellow circle. Before you make your way into the raid, make sure to visit the Green Army Vendor to pick up the Dynamite from the General tab.

Zero Sievert: Ghoul's Lair location

The Ghoul’s lair will look like a small cave, with 2-3 Ghouls guarding the entrance outside. If you have your Nozin or another sniper rifle, these can easily be handled by zooming and clicking directly on the Ghoul’s body. 

Before entering the Ghoul’s Lair, ensure that you have your Headlamp or Night Vision Goggles. You will also need to buy TNT from the Green Army Vendor for 1000 Rubles. The goggles can be purchased from the Green Army vendor for 9,000 Rubles. Hit N on your keyboard to enable the light so you can see once inside the Ghoul’s lair. 

Once inside the cave, enable your Headlamp or Night Vision Goggles so you can see. The entire cave is infested with Ghouls, so take it very slowly. Here are a few tips:

  • Peek around corners and zoom in to see oncoming Ghouls.
  • If you have a silencer, this quest will be easier since the other Ghouls won’t hear you, and you can take them out one by one. 
  • Beware of the Spike Traps that are scattered across the dungeon. They will cause bleeding damage. 

You’re looking for a pile of TNT left by the Green Army. Once you find it, interact with it with the F key, then make your way out as soon as possible because the cave explodes in 60 seconds. 

Rewards for Destroying the Ghoul’s Lair

For completing the Ghoul destroyer quest and destroying the Ghoul lair, General Artemovich will provide you with a good selection of weapons, including: 

  • EC 74
  • TUS 34
  • Nozin Makant
  • BB 91 Kerr
  • BBSH 41

If you want to advance in the story and unlock the different missions in different biomes, you’ll need to complete the Ghoul Destroyer and Destroy the Ghoul’s lair quest from the Green Army. 

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