How to Find Igor in Zero Sievert

Where, oh where is my friend Igor?

Igor Kuzmin is a unique character you’ll eventually meet in Zero Sievert. Those familiar with the game’s development will know Igor well for his curmudgeonly personality. An ex-hunter who was wounded and now resides in the middle of the Forest, Igor is quite the character. Regardless of what you want to do with him, you’ll want to find Igor in Zero Sievert at some point in your playthrough, and we’ll explain why in the guide below. 

Igor Kuzmin Location: Finding Igor

There are two ways to find Igor in Zero Sievert’s Forest raid. Igor spawns randomly each time you load into the Forest, so you can wander around for his house and talk to him when you find it. The more definitive way to find Igor is to complete the first quest from the Green Army, Secret documents, then speak to General Artemovich again, and he will grant you the “The Old Man” quest. 

Once you find Igor, his house will be permanently marked on your map each time you load into the Forest level. 

Meat for Igor Quest: Should You Kill Igor?

While killing Igor or leaving him alone is up to you, we highly suggest sparing Igor’s life. If you complete the Meat for Igor quest, you can revisit Igor, and he will collect different materials you can loot for free in his chest each time you return. 

Taking Igor's Goods

This mechanic pays dividends and ensures a full inventory each time you enter the Forest level. For that reason, and because The Old Man quest given by General Artemovich only provides a Building Storage Kit as a reward (which you can craft yourself), we suggest leaving Igor alone. 

The Old Man Quest: Killing Igor for an Easy Playthrough

As we discussed in an earlier guide, Equipment #3 or the Nozin and pistol are the S-tier loadout you can start the game with. Even more powerful is a Nozin equipped with a silencer & scope, which you can loot from Igor if you kill him. 

These attachments to the Nozin are super powerful and will prevent enemies from knowing your location when you fire your weapon. In a nutshell, it makes the game somewhat easy because you have such a good weapon to start with. This is also an option if you don’t care about the free items you can get from our pal Igor. 

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