How to Get More Storage Space in Zero Sievert

If you're suffering from a lack of storage, consider yourself lucky.

One of the core concepts of the top-down 2D extraction shooter, Zero Sievert, is that you need to aggregate loot to gain more Rubles and get better gear to complete missions. Because this is the main gameplay loop, you’ll find yourself quickly running out of space at your home base. Luckily, there are several ways to expand the number of storage slots that you get back at the Bunker. 

In Zero Sievert, developed by CABO Studio, players have the opportunity to fill 14 storage slots. To access your storage, go to your room at the Bunker, then interact with the gray metal chest on the floor. From here, you can select the different storage slots on the right side of the screen. 

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Getting More Storage Space in Zero Sievert

Getting more storage slots is achieved by constructing the Storage 1 or Storage 2 modules at the crafting bench. Players will also be granted Storage modules for completing specific missions. 

To craft the Storage module at the bench:

  1. Walk over to the crafting bench to the left of the Bar and interact with the F key.
  2. Click Modules Tier 1 or Modules Tier 2 on the left side, depending on what level Storage module you want to build.
  3. Collect the required items, which can be viewed at the bottom. To track items, tick the Track items box.
  4. Click the Craft button once you have all the necessary materials.
  5. Right-click the new Building Kit: Storage in your inventory and click Use.
Zero Sievert: Building Kit - Storage 2

Unlike other modules in the game, Storage modules do not take a slot at your home base. Instead, they open up the additional tabs on the right side of the screen, providing additional storage. 

Each Storage 1 module provides an additional 2 storage slots, whereas Storage 2 Modules provide more storage slots at levels 6-9.

Zero Sievert: Inventory Screenshot

We advise saving your resources, however, and just playing through the game–because you will eventually be granted additional storage modules through quests and can instead concentrate on gathering the materials for different modules, like the Kitchen or Ammo Modules.

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