Zero Sievert: Documents Part 2 (Lazar) Guide

Ready to take out the Forest biome boss?

Lazar is the boss in the Forest biome and has guards that will be your biggest challenge in the early game of Zero Sievert. We recommend grinding a little more if you need good weapons or gear before taking on this character. To get Documents part 2, visit the Barman and complete his quests. Eventually, he’ll provide you with a quest called Documents in the Makeshift Camp, which is fairly easy to complete if you have the right rad protection.

Once you locate the documents from the first portion of the quest, you’ll be tasked with something much more challenging. You’ll be tasked with killing Lazar. Along with his four guards, Lazar is tough to take down, even if you’re equipped with good gear. Here’s a full guide on completing documents part 2 and defeating Lazar in Zero Sievert.

Completing Documents Part 2 and Defeating Lazar

You can find Lazar and 4 of his high-powered guards in the city’s center. Even though it doesn’t look like his guards are highly armored, they have high HP and will take a few shots to take out. To complete Documents Part 2, you’ll need to carefully make your way around the center of town and take out Lazar’s four armored guards before taking out Lazar and getting his key to the Police Station.

See below for the precise location of Lazar and his guards: 

Zero Sievert Lazar Location
Lazar Location, Zero Sievert

Recommended Loadout

We recommend the following loadout for killing Lazar: 

  • Sniper rifle with scope and silencer. 
  • Automatic rifle with laser and silencer. 

Our Loadout

Here is an example loadout of guns and attachments that you can equip to take out Lazar.

  • VS-98: Equipped with silencer and Lion Scope. 
  • EC 74: Equipped with a silencer, NTS Red Dot, and Tactical Green Laser. 

Defeating Lazar

Approach the town center very slowly and take out the Ghouls in the surrounding houses. Lazar has an rifle with a very high fire rate but only 10 bullets per clip. Snipe the guards first–try to keep as much distance as possible. Use corners and obstructions to peek the corner rather than standing in the open. 

Once the guards are down, you can work on Lazar. He has a rifle with a very high fire rate but a small clip. For that reason, you should bait out his attacks–make him use up all his ammo and continue to peek corners. Hit him with small bursts from your rifle, or try to snipe him outside of his range. 

Always peek corners with Lazar–do not attack him in the open. Once you kill Lazar, you can take his gun and pick up his key to unlock the Police Station, which sometimes contains a Golden Zippo in the safe. 

Zero Sievert Documents Defeating Lazar
Killing Lazar, Zero Sievert

Getting the Documents

Before you leave the raid, remember to get the Documents for the quest! They are in a hidden safe before you unlock the gate at the back of the Police Station. Interact with it to get the docs. Once you defeat Lazar and grab the docs, you’ll have completed Documents Part 2 in Zero Sievert.

Secret Documents, Zero Sievert

Watch us Defeat Lazar on YouTube here:

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