Zero Sievert: Healing Explained

Ouch, that's gotta' hurt--here's how to heal in Zero Sievert.

One of the most important aspects of the top-down extraction shooter, Zero Sievert, is being able to heal after you’ve been damaged in battle. However–there are so many kinds of meds, bandages, and syringes that it can feel confusing at first. “Why did this bandage not heal me at all? How can I refill my health meter?” are some of the most common questions beginners ask. 

Luckily, once you figure out what the icons stand for, healing in Zero Sievert becomes much easier. See below for our guide on healing in Zero Sievert. 

How to Heal in Zero Sievert

There are two primary ways to regain health in Zero Sievert. One way is to speak with the Doctor at the Bunker. The other way to heal is by using meds that you find or purchase. To heal, right-click on the med, then select the Use option. Wounds can also be healed by sleeping in a bed.

In Zero Sievert, players can sustain Wound damage that reduces their health bars as well as injuries that cause the player to incur bleeding damage over time. Bleeding damage & injuries can stack and are indicated near your health bar with a blood droplet. 

Here are the different health status effects in Zero Sievert:

  • Health: Your health bar, as indicated in the top left corner.
  • Wound: Sustaining wounds gray out a portion of your health bar and prevent you from healing above a certain point.
  • Bleed: You will take damage over time. Bleeds can stack, which reduces your health quicker.
  • Radiation: Radiation can cause random bleeds at lower levels and death at higher levels.

Health is restored via Medi Kits, Improvised Medikits, and Sterilised Bandages, whereas injuries can be healed with Bandages, Anti-bleed Gel, First Aid Medi Kits, and Professional Medikits. To see a more in-depth breakdown of each item, continue reading. 

Zero Sievert

Types of Meds in Zero Sievert

There are several types of medications and healing items in Zero Sievert, including: 

  • Bandages
  • Medi Kits
  • Improvised Medikits
  • First Aid Medikits
  • Anti-Rad Pills
  • Anti-bleed Gel
  • Injectors

See the table below to have a better idea of what each item does. 

Med NameIconDuration to ApplyMovementMovement SpeedWoundHealthBleedRadiation
Medikit T-0008 SecondsNo50
Improvised Medikit3 SecondsYes50%40
Standard Medikit2 SecondsYes50%601
Anti-Rad Pills2 SecondsYes50%-0.5
Bandage4 SecondsYes100%1
Sterilized Bandage4 SecondsYes50%151
Anti Bleed Gel.50 SecondsYes50%2
First Aid Medikit10 SecondsNo15
Professional Medikit12 SecondsNo40

Keeping Your Health Up in Zero Sievert

When you go out into raids, item drops are randomized so there’s no guarantee you’ll come across meds. For that reason, you should bring various meds with you. 

Each med has a different duration required to complete the healing process. Improvised Medi Kits, for example, are great to use in battle because they are fast to apply and don’t completely diminish your walking speed. At the same time, the standard Medi Kits are cheaper but should only be used when in a safe scenario, like under cover or when the shooting has stopped in the area. 

Healing with cover, Zero Sievert

The same can be said when it comes to bleeds. Bleeding damage, especially stacked x3, can quickly consume your health bar and cause you to die quickly. In situations where you are in very low health, you can use Anti-bleed Gel to patch up injuries quickly. If you don’t have the gel, your second best choice is Sterilised Bandages, which heal you while also repairing wounds. 

The last thing to mention is Injectors. Injectors, or syringes, are quick-use boosts you can use in various situations. Some Injectors boost carrying capacity for a time so you can use this to overload your character and exfil for an even bigger raid bonus. Low on food or stam? Injectors are your solution. 

Like many things in Zero Sievert, healing is not so straightforward, but we hope our comprehensive healing guide will help you complete the missions in the game. 

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