Where to Find the Golden Zippo in Zero Sievert

Is the Golden Zippo eluding you?

As you advance through the story of Zero Sievert, you’ll quickly learn that the game’s missions sometimes require you to collect materials and items. A Golden Zippo is one of the more elusive items you need to find in your early-mid game and is necessary for the quest, Smoking Kills Pt. 2

While you may have come across countless regular Zippos on your raids, the Golden Zippo is a hard-to-obtain item found in safes. But where are these safes, you ask? In this guide, we’ll show you exactly where to find a Golden Zippo in Zero Sievert. 

Where to Find the Golden Zippo in Zero Sievert

To find the Golden Zippo in Zero Sievert, unlock the safes in the Police Station in the center of the Forest Biome. In order to reach the Police Station, you’ll need to kill the level’s boss, Lazar, and four armed guards. His guards will have high-tier gear and armor that make them challenging to eradicate. You can also find the Golden Zippo in other safes on maps like the Mall or randomly on hunters or in chests, though the drop rate on regular chests and hunters is very low.

Killing Lazar and Getting the Police Station Key

You will find Lazar and his cronies in the center of the town in the Forest biome. You know you’re getting close when you start to see concrete barriers. Be wary of the Ghouls that infest the town, as they can quickly become a fatal nuisance when dealing with Lazar. 

Lazar Location in Zero Sievert
Lazar Location

Use a scoped Sniper Rifle (better if silenced) and make your way around the perimeter of Lazar. Use the concrete barriers to protect yourself from oncoming bullets, and take it slow. 

Zero Sievert Scope

Two shots from a Nozin Makant should kill each guard, and there are typically 4 in total. If you don’t have a silencer, do your best to stay as far away as possible so that the guards and Lazar don’t rush you down. It may take a few attempts before you can finally kill them. 

Once you kill Lazar and his guards, you can loot his body for the Police Station Key. Head north, and you will see the Police Station, designated with the placard outside.

Looting the Safe in the Police Station

Enter the Police Station and make your way to the back, and you’ll see a door with cages. Interact with the door, and you’ll open it with the Police Station Key you got from Lazar. 

In the back of the room, you’ll see a few large safes that you can open. However, something to keep in mind is that these safes only spawn the Golden Zippo at random, so there is a chance you’ll have to repeat this process to obtain one. For us, it took three total times to obtain the Zippo. 

Golden Zippo in Zero Sievert

Luckily, regardless of whether you get the Golden Zippo, it’s still a very good haul, and you can scoop up some high-value materials, quest items, and guns. 

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