Where to Find Mr. Junk in ZERO Sievert

Mr. Junk might be a little weird, but he's our friend.

ZERO Sievert is filled with different secrets you can unlock as you get further into the game. The first secret character you can find is Igor, a lonely hunter in the Forest biome. The next secret character that you can find is Mr. Junk in the Makeshift Camp. 

Though hidden, finding Mr. Junk provides players with the quest Grigoriy’s ring, which tasks the player with visiting the dangerous Swamp biome in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about the elusive Mr. Junk. 

Finding Mr. Junk in ZERO Sievert

Mr. Junk spawns randomly in the Makeshift Camp map and lives in an underground bunker. He protects a large stockpile of treasure he’s collected over the years and speaks in the third person. To find Mr. Junk, you’ll need to walk around the map and look for the ladder leading to his bunker. It will look like this: 

Mr. Junk Location in ZERO Sievert
Screenshot by Gamer Digest

Once you find Mr. Junk, do NOT attempt to open the door to his junkpile, or you will instantly die. Instead, you can accept a task from him–Grigoriy’s Ring, which charges you with finding a special ring for him in the Swamp biome. 

Completing Grigoriy’s Ring Quest

To complete the Grigoriy’s Ring task, travel to the Swamp biome, then look on your map for a yellow ring to indicate the quest location. You’ll see a small gravestone you can loot when you get to the ring. Walk up to it, then interact with it to get Grigoriy’s Ring

Screenshot by Gamer Digest

Return to Mr. Junk, and you’ll receive 20PZCX Armor, which has the following stats: 

  • Melee 40%
  • Radiation 28
  • Anomaly 0%
  • Fragility 27
  • Class 4

Should You Kill Mr. Junk?

At the time of writing, Mr. Junk does not have a follow-up quest after Grigoriy’s Ring, and the only way to access his treasure pile is by killing him and taking his key. 

However, we’ve found that Mr. Junk’s loot is actually pretty junky, as his name would imply. While you can kill him, the rewards you’ll receive are minimal, so in the end, it’s really up to you. We recommend at least saving him until completing his quest in the Swamp biome since you’ll need to travel there for other quests anyway. 

Screenshot by Gamer Digest

Did you spare Mr. Junk? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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