Where to Find Arman in ZERO Sievert

Take on one of the most powerful Hunters in ZERO Sievert.

Are you looking for one of the best armors in ZERO Sievert? One of the unique hunters you’ll encounter earlier in the game drops the Arman Suit, a powerful chest piece you can use into the late game. 

Like many other aspects of the game, Arman will spawn randomly on the map, and there isn’t an exact location where he spawns. However, this guide will show you how to find and defeat Arman in ZERO Sievert. 

Where to Find Arman in ZERO Sievert

Players can find Arman wandering around in the Makeshift camp. He will wear the Arman Suit, which looks like gray armor with fluorescent green highlights on the helmet. Go to the Conductor, deploy to the Makeshift camp, and wander around to find him. It may take several attempts before you locate him. 

Arman uses a silenced weapon, so finding him by following gunshots will not work. 

Killing Arman 

Arman is a mini-boss with a high-fire-rate weapon that can quickly kill you. Arman will immediately be hostile like other Hunters in the game, so do not attempt to talk to him. 

Once you spot Arman, keep your distance and shoot while hiding under cover. He has decent accuracy, so if you go below half-health, back off, heal, then re-engage him. Shooting when he is offscreen may help you damage him or land a killing blow. He will weave in and out of cover, so you may be able to catch him this way.

Killing Arman is difficult, so take your time and don’t take any unnecessary risks. Here’s a video of us finding and defeating Arman in ZERO Sievert:

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Arman Rewards and Drops

Arman will typically have a ton of meds, including syringesbandages, and MREs. He also has a powerful silenced weapon, the Wintar BK, with randomized attachments, and the Arman Suit, a powerful armor. 

These are the stats for Arman’s rewards: 

Wintar BK:

  • Damage: 29
  • Accuracy: 18
  • Recoil: 52
  • Ergonomics: 76
  • Fire Rate: 1200 RPM
  • Magazine: 10
  • Caliber: 9×39

Note: Stats may differ depending on the attachments. 

Arman Suit

  • Melee: 53%
  • Radiation: 140
  • Anomaly: 55%
  • Fragility: 35
  • Class: 4

Arman’s Loadout: A Free Endgame Option

In addition to just being cool-looking skin, the Arman Suit is a great armor you can get without having to pay a single Ruble to a vendor. As you probably know, armor in ZERO Sievert is incredibly expensive, so this is a great way to pick up some extra durability in the early game. 

If Arman kills you on the first attempt, don’t fret–you’re not alone. Keep in mind his gun has 1200 RPM, so if he is shooting you, you should duck for cover because more shots are likely to follow. 

As far as his gun is concerned, it’s a decent piece of equipment, but we don’t recommend running it in your loadout for its lack of attachments and small clip size. 

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