ZERO Sievert: Motel Part 2 Guide – Destroying Infestations

Are Ghouls completely overwhelming you?

As you get deeper into your journey in ZERO Sievert, you’ll encounter increasingly difficult enemies. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face are Infestations, and the first time you’ll encounter one is on the Makeshift camp map at the Motel. 

Completing Motel Part 1 will open up Motel Part 2 when you speak with General Artemovich at the Green Army Bunker. This quest will ask you to “Eliminate the infestation,” but you need to know what to expect to beat it. If you’re struggling with the mission Motel Part 2 in ZERO Sievert, we’ve got a guide to help you get through it. 

Motel Part 2 Guide: Destroying Infestations

Motel Part 2 is located in the Makeshift camp and is indicated by a gray block on your map. To complete the ZERO Sievert: Motel Part 2, bring automatic weapons with large ammo clips to take out the Infestations before the Ghouls pour out. If you focus fire the mound fast enough, you can destroy it before the Ghouls spawn. Alternatively, you can kill all the Ghouls that come out by kiting them back. Then once the Ghouls are all dead, you can eradicate the unprotected Infestation. 

Watch us kill an Infestation at the Motel here:

Motel Part 2 Task Description 

“Hey Hunter!

We know that in the makeshift camp, there is an old motel. 

It should be abandoned by now, but I want to make sure. You need to go there and check it out, check the entrance, and see if there is a way in. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact location, but it should be easy to spot from the map once you get there; it should be a paved area.” 

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Motel Part 2 Loadout

You should bring two automatic weapons with at least a 30-round mag. If you have an extended or drum magazine, you can focus on the Infestation before all the Ghouls pour out. 

Here is a good loadout for clearing out Infestations:

  • N401: TR-15 Extended Magazine, Foregrip, Tactical Laser
  • EC 74: 30-Round Magazine, Foregrip, Tactical Laser

If you find an N401 with a TR-15 Extended Mag, you’ll have 60 rounds in your chamber, which is enough to destroy the Infestation before the Ghouls pop out. 

If this isn’t an option for you, you’ll have the kite the Ghoul’s back and use cover and corners to make it less likely that they will swarm you. 

Each time a Ghoul hits you, you’ll sustain bleeding damage, so also make sure to bring enough meds and anti-bleed gel so that you don’t die while trying to take on this threat. 

Motel Part 2 Rewards

Completing the Part 2 of the Motel questline will reward the player with a choice of: 

  • Medical Skill Book
  • Ammunition Skill Book
  • Healing Skill Book

It will also open up the quest Weird phenomena p.1, which asks you to receive a highly-radioactive flight recorder in the Swamp biome

We hope that our quick Motel Part 2 Guide helped you. If you’re feeling frustrated and keep dying, you’re not alone. This quest took us around 4-5 attempts before we could finally kill it. Later in the game, like in the Mall biome, you’ll encounter more of these Infestations, but hopefully, by then, you’ll have the firepower required to nuke them down instead of having to kite back all those Ghouls. 

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