Contraband Police: How to Find Contraband

Why do you look so nervous?

Being a good border agent in Contraband Police relies on being able to sniff out illicit materials regardless of where they are. If you keep missing out on the goods, this guide was created for you. 

In your journey through Contraband Police, you’ll encounter many people trying to get into the country with illicit goods. To be a good agent, you’ll need to know every location you can look to find the contraband. 

How to Locate Contraband in Contraband Police

Contraband is located within the suspect’s vehicle or inside cargo visitors are transporting. Players can use a UV light to discover contraband in various locations in the vehicle and must open cargo containers to find drugs and other illicit materials hidden within imported goods. Contraband in vehicles will be marked with a snake icon. Once all contraband has been extracted, players should clear the search area, arrest the criminal, and investigate the next car. 

Arrested Criminals Contraband Police

Typically, clues to the identity of drug importers will be listed on the board outside. Take note of these clues to help save time so that you don’t have to search every single car. Once all smugglers have been caught on the board, the notes will refresh. Players can hit F1 after the search to see if they located all the contraband. Sometimes, smugglers will offer bribes, which players can take, but doing so will hurt your standing with the authorities.

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Contraband Hiding Spots in Vehicles 

Using the UV light, look for areas inside and outside the car marked with a snake icon. Contraband can be stored within certain areas or hidden out in the open.

Within vehicles, players will need to look in the following locations for contraband: 

  • Tire
  • Headliner
  • Fender 
  • Fuel Tank
  • Bumper 
  • Air Filter
  • Engine
  • Seats
  • Glove compartment
  • Center console
  • Under chairs
Contraband Hiding Spots

Some areas, like the Tire, Headliner, Fender, Fuel Tank, Bumper, Air Filter, and Seats, require a tool to open. Parts like the Tires, Headliner, and Seats require a knife, while parts like the Fuel Tank, Bumper, and Air Filter require a Crowbar or similar tool. If you run out of tools, you can either visit Vlad’s shop or have him come to you by calling him for $200.

Finding Contraband with a Crowbar
Example of contraband in a fender.

If you’re unsure of what tool to use, strike the area with any tool, and the correct tool will flash red in the center of the screen. 

Finding Contraband in Cargo & Luggage

To locate contraband within cargo, hit C to bring up your clipboard. Then, hit E on each item to load it into the investigation area. Suitcases, Ovens, and Washing Machines can be opened by interacting with them, while other goods, like bags and crates, will need to be cut open with a knife or cracked open with a crowbar. Make sure to check each piece well so that you don’t overlook any pieces of contraband. 

Finding Contraband in Contraband Police
Finding Contraband in Apple Crate

If the suspect passes the search, you speak to Constable Maximov and select the Return cargo option

Optional Tip: To keep track of the smugglers’ details, we use Notepad to take down the different clues. That way, you don’t have to keep referring to the board when inspecting cars. 

Ultimately, finding all of the illicit materials will help you rank higher on your search and will provide you with more money you can use for upgrades and items. 

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