How to Craft Jewelry in Dwarf Fortress

Jewelry is a valuable commodity in Dwarf Fortress that you can craft and sell for trade goods, but crafting it isn’t so straightforward; luckily, we can show you exactly how to do it. 

You’re not a real Dwarf Fortress fanatic unless you like shiny things. After all, what’s the point of all that mining if you’re not going to reap some rewards? Jewelry in Dwarf Fortress is crafted at your Workshops and requires specific ingredients. Keep reading to learn how to craft jewelry in the game. 


How to Craft Jewelry in Dwarf Fortress

Before you start crafting jewelry, you’ll need to construct a Craftsdwarf’s Workshop (r) and Jeweler’s Workshop (j), then collect the proper materials and set the Work orders to produce the Jewelry. From here, your Broker can transfer some of the completed Jewelry to the Trade Depot for trade. 

Constructing Jeweler and Crafts Workshops

Making your Craftdwarf and Jeweler workshops is simple. To do it, click Build (b)Workshops (o), then Jeweler (j), and Crafts (r). Left-click to set the structures close together, as they will need to transfer goods regularly to complete tasks. 

Building Craftdwarf and Jeweler Workshops in Dwarf Fortress
Building Craftdwarf and Jeweler Workshops

Producing Jewelry

Once you have both structures built, it’s time to put in a few Work orders so that you can start producing jewelry. Jewelry production can be broken down into three main steps.

Polishing Stones and Cutting Gems

Click your Jeweler’s Workshop and put in a few Work orders to Polish stones and Cut gems. This order will provide you with the finished gems and stones you need to encrust finished items. 

Creating Jewelry

Dwarves create Jewelry at the Craftsdwarf’s Workshop. Left-click your constructed Workshop, then click the Tasks or Work orders tab to add a new piece of jewelry to production. Jewelry can be made from the following raw materials: 

  • Rock
  • Wood
  • Bone
  • Shell
  • Cloth

When constructing jewelry in Dwarf Fortress, you have a few different options to choose from, including: 

  • Amulets
  • Gems
  • Bracelets
  • Crown
  • Earrings

In our playthrough, we had an excess of turtle shells, so we could create a lot of our jewelry from shells. 

Encrusting the Jewelry with Gems and Stones

Now that you have your finished Jewelry, polished stones, and cut gems, you can encrust your finished goods at your Jeweler’s Workshop. 

To encrust the Jewelry with gems and stones: 

  1. Left-click the Jeweler’s Workshop. 
  2. Click the Tasks or Work orders tab. 
  3. Add Encrust finished goods with cut gems.
  4. Add Encrust finished goods with polished stones

You can watch your Dwarves finish creating the jewelry in the Jeweler’s Workshop window. 

Jewelry Screen Dwarf Fortress
Finished Jewelry at the Workshop

Once the trader comes to town, you’ll now have a good quantity of goods to trade. Did we miss anything in our guide? How many Dwarf bucks did you end up making off the deal? Let us know in the comments section below.

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