Marauders Merchant Ship Guide and Walkthrough

Learn how to raid the Merchant Ship in Marauders with our step-by-step guide

The Merchant Ship is a great way to get an early-game advantage over your enemies in the PvP extraction game, Marauders. It is an alternative to the main raids you can enter in the game. If you have no idea what we’re talking about–that is okay; here is our thorough Marauders Merchant ship guide and walkthrough

Bring Lockipicks when raiding the Merchant Ship so you can unlock the final loot room safe!

Marauders Merchant Ship Guide and Walkthrough

To raid the Marauders Merchant Ship, locate the ship on your map and breach it in an Escape Pod. Then, follow the hallways to the back of the ship to the main control room and Armoury. Use a lockpick to unlock the safe in the Armoury for the best loot. 

To see a step-by-step guide, keep reading. 

Locating the Merchant Ship

To enter the Merchant Ship in Marauders, you need to locate it first. The Merchant ship won’t always spawn, so it’s good to take advantage of it when you see it. In our playthrough, it spawned on Naval Outpost

Breaching the Merchant Ship’s Hull

To breach the Merchant Ship’s hull, go to your engine room and enter an Escape Pod. Then, get close to the merchant ship and hit F to breach it and gain access to the Merchant Ship. 

Marauders Merchant Ship
Image via Gamer Digest/Marauders

Navigating the Inside of the Merchant Ship

The Merchant Ship is much smaller than the main raids in the game but has a high concentration of NPC enemies roaming the entire map. It also is somewhat more linear than other maps, meaning that you can move in one direction and walk the whole length of the ship. 

When entering the map, kill the few NPCs in the hallways. Then, enter the giant room with trucks and make your way up the large metal ramp. Remember, there may be other human players on the ship, so always be on the lookout for PvP. 

Continue to follow the staircase up until you reach the doors you can enter. This will give you access to hallways for the Merchant’s living quarters/barracks. Check each of these rooms, as they may contain valuable loot like bags and armor. 

Marauders Merchant Ship Barracks
Image via Gamer Digest/Marauders

Once you go all the way down the hall, make your way to the other side of the ship and walk down the stairs. Continue moving forward; eventually, you’ll hit the communal living quarts on the ship. Check these rooms for loot. In our playthrough, we were able to find Panzer Armor under the table in the main room, which is a level 9 armor with 100 durability. 

Image via Gamer Digest/Marauders

Continue moving forward until you pass the garages on your left side. These will also have crates in them containing loot, but you’ll want to keep enough inventory space for the final room. 

Entering the Armoury

Once you walk far enough, you’ll eventually reach the main control room. Be careful. This room is filled with NPCs, much like the rest of the map. The Armoury is on the second floor and contains the best loot in the raid. Interact with the Armoury doors to open them. Once inside, there is one room to the left and one room to the right. 

The room to the left has some lockers, a body, and a weapon. The room to the right contains the safe and a few other boxes containing the most valuable loot on the ship. To open the safe, you’ll need to have a lockpick. 

Image via Gamer Digest/Marauders

Once you’ve totally looted the ship, you can make your way back the way you came until you eventually hit the boiler room with Escape Pods. 

Finally, extract with that sweet loot and complete whatever Contracts you have or sell the items you found to the merchant!

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