Smalland: Where to Find Herptile Hide

In Smalland: Survive the Wilds, players will need to collect Herptile Hide to craft the powerful armor from Skadi. Here’s where to find it. 

Once you reach Skadi to the south, you’re well on your way to becoming a pretty powerful player in the new survival game, Smalland. Skadi is capable of crafting the Primal Armor Set and the Chitin Armor. However — to make the Chitin and Primal Armor sets, you’re going to need to understand where to find Herptile Hides in the game. 

Where to Find Herptile Hide in Smalland

To find Herptile Hides, defeat Geckos along the southern shores of the island you started on and southeast on the coast of Skadi. Once defeated, the Geckos will drop Herptile Hides and Bones, another important crafting material. 

These amphibians have a powerful tongue attack, so make sure you have a ranged weapon and some decent armor before trying to take them on. 

And there you have it! Now that you know where to find Herptile Hide, you can construct the different pieces in the Primal and Chitin armor sets and take on bigger and more powerful enemies in the game world. 

Like many materials in the game, Herptile Hide is hidden behind killing an enemy. If you’ve avoided these vicious Geckos in the past and are just now realizing you need to take them out — we recommend saving up for a Flint Sword, as these take out the Geckos pretty easily in a few swings. Players can find Flint on the shores or to the northwest of the map.

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